Splento’s successful ‘Ready 4 Work’ Practical Crash Course and Bootcamp could soon be a paid Kickstart programme Experience successful startup culture from the inside.


Splento, the UK’s leading visual tech startup, is planning its second Ready 4 Work Practical programme, based on the successful first R4W cohort graduation.

At Splento we want to create a better working opportunity for graduates – so now is your chance to join our tech company and get some hands-on experience as soon as possible. We set about to design the best scalable solution that we could.

The result? Our Splento Tech/Startup Placement, Practical Crash Course and Bootcamp Programme. Designed to give you the experience you need to become the ideal 21st-century tech company employee, we plan this to be a 6-month paid R4W placement, under the UK government’s new Kickstart Scheme, once our application to the DWP has been approved.

Having just completed R4W#1, the students from our first cohort, taken from some of the UK’s top universities, have already shared their thoughts on the programme.



Once applications open for a second cohort, you will then have the chance to learn the essential skills every employer looks for: 

  • Leadership
  • Sound decision-making under pressure and uncertainty
  • Content creation & marketing
  • Sales
  • And getting comfortable with failing – the only way we learn! 

The course will contain a 3-month rotation to get solid experience of Digital Marketing, Sales, New Product Launch and Visual Content skills, followed by 3 month’s work dedicated to a specific project. 

You can read more about R4W 1.0 here.

This opportunity will commence on a fully remote basis.


Contact Splento if you are in need of:

Event Photography and Videography

Professional Headshots

eCommerce Photography and Videography


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