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The Mind of the Leader

The Mind of the Leader

Rasmus Hougaard

How to lead yourself, your people, and your organization for extraordinary results

Trillion Dollar Coach

Trillion Dollar Coach

Eric Schmidt

The leadership playbook from Silicon Valley’s Bill Campbell


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This post is one of a series of articles published in support of Splento’s Ready for Work (R4W) programme. This was initially a successful four-week programme run in July 2020.

As of September 2020, R4W v2.0 – a six-month full training and work experience programme – has been created and submitted to the UK DWP for approval to be a part of the UK Government Kickstart Scheme. Further announcements will follow once approval has been granted. For more details, read The ultimate guide to the UK Kickstart Scheme.


1. Who is Rasmus Hougaard, and what is his expertise in leadership?

Rasmus Hougaard is the founder and managing director of The Potential Project, a global leader in mindfulness and leadership training. He is an expert in integrating mindfulness into business practices to enhance leadership skills and organizational performance. His book “The Mind of the Leader” focuses on leading oneself and others effectively to achieve extraordinary results.

2. What are the key takeaways from “The Mind of the Leader” by Rasmus Hougaard?

“The Mind of the Leader” emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, selflessness, and compassion in leadership. The book provides practical strategies for leaders to improve their self-awareness, foster a positive work environment, and lead their teams more effectively. It argues that these qualities are essential for sustainable success in today’s complex business world.

3. Who is Bill Campbell and why is he referred to as the “Trillion Dollar Coach”?

Bill Campbell was a legendary business coach in Silicon Valley, known for his work with top executives at companies like Google, Apple, and Intuit. He earned the nickname “Trillion Dollar Coach” because of his significant impact on these highly successful companies, collectively worth over a trillion dollars. His coaching methods focused on fostering strong relationships and building trust.

4. What leadership lessons can be learned from “Trillion Dollar Coach” by Eric Schmidt?

“Trillion Dollar Coach” by Eric Schmidt highlights Bill Campbell’s coaching principles, such as the importance of trust, empathy, and creating a supportive environment. The book shares insights into Campbell’s approach to leadership, including his belief in the power of teams, the value of giving honest feedback, and the need to prioritize people over processes.

5. How can mindfulness improve leadership effectiveness according to Rasmus Hougaard?

According to Rasmus Hougaard, mindfulness enhances leadership effectiveness by improving focus, reducing stress, and increasing emotional intelligence. Mindful leaders are better equipped to make clear, thoughtful decisions, maintain composure under pressure, and build stronger relationships with their teams. This leads to a more productive and positive workplace.

6. What is the main focus of “The Mind of the Leader”?

The main focus of “The Mind of the Leader” is on developing leadership qualities that foster personal and organizational excellence. It stresses the importance of leading with mindfulness, selflessness, and compassion. The book provides a roadmap for leaders to cultivate these qualities and create a culture that drives extraordinary results.

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