Recommended Resources: Operations Systems and strategies – making things work



Checklist Manfesto

The Checklist Manifesto

Atul Gawande

How to get things right

Competing against time

Competing Against Time

George Stalk

How time-based competition is reshaping global markets



Charles Burck

The discipline of getting things done

The Goal

The Goal

Eliyahu M Golgratt

A process of ongoing improvement

My years with GM

My Years with General Motors

Alfred P Sloan

A memoir of his experience at the helm of the automotive company

Process to Profit

Process to Profit

Marianne Page

Systemise your business, build a high performing team, gain more time, control and profit

Six Sigma Way

The Six Sigma Way

Peter Pande

How to maximise the impact of your change and improvement efforts

Toyota Production System

Toyota Production System

Taiichi Ohno

Beyond large-scale production


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This post is one of a series of articles published in support of Splento’s Ready for Work (R4W) programme. This was initially a successful four-week programme run in July 2020.

As of September 2020, R4W v2.0 – a six-month full training and work experience programme – has been created and submitted to the UK DWP for approval to be a part of the UK Government Kickstart Scheme. Further announcements will follow once approval has been granted. For more details, read The ultimate guide to the UK Kickstart Scheme.

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