Please don’t ask: “What do we need money for?” Ask instead “What resources do we need to achieve our goals?”

Team Splento


When I’m out training for a marathon, the most frequently asked question is “Why are you doing it…again?”

When I’m out fundraising, the most frequently asked question is: “What do you need money for…again?”

The answer to the first one is simple – because I love it.

The answer to the second one is a bit more complicated.

It may sound strange, but we don’t think in terms of money. We think in terms of “resources needed to achieve our goals and milestones in pursuit of our vision”.

At Splento, we are sick and tired of seeing amazing businesses use sub-par visual content to communicate with their potential customers. We believe getting professional visual content should be as easy as getting a cab and we are on a mission to help clients around the world increase sales by providing professional visual content at a tap of a button and delivering it the next day!

To achieve our vision of becoming the largest professional visual content creators in the world, the first step is to get to 1,000 relevant leads per day to convert them into 300 orders, to get to £30mln per annum turnover in the next 18 months.

This can be done with either:

a) money;
b) marketing, PR and advertising resources;
c) or partnerships.

Money is just one part of the equation. I would choose a partnership or marketing resources any day, as they don’t entail any tag along and drag along rights, anti-dilution and liquidation preferences or board observer seats…but it’s not always possible.

So yes, when we fundraise – on paper it’s about money, but in reality it’s all about resources to help us achieve our vision… and help millions of businesses sell more with great visual content!


by Roman Grigoriev

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