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Planning a wedding is no child’s play. It can be an overwhelming and stressful experience for most couples, which is why they choose to delegate their work to professionals wherever possible. 

Wedding videographers can take some of the stress away from planning your wedding day, and you know you’re in even better hands when they’re willing to go the extra mile to create your wedding video. This means using innovative styles of videography to make a unique and enjoyable wedding video. If creativity isn’t your forte, we’ve got a bunch of fun wedding video ideas to liven up your wedding day. 


Creative wedding video ideas for your special day

Tell your love story

Wouldn’t it be fun to share your love story with the rest of the world by recreating how you met and fell in love? You don’t have to limit your wedding video to just the wedding day. Feel free to include photos and videos from your earlier days to build a beautiful love story around the marriage. Plus, who doesn’t love a throwback to the good ol’ days when everything was roses and rainbows, and less wedding expenses and interfering relatives. 


Wedding instructions

Instead of sending your wedding details by mail, it could be nice to create a video about the venue location, hotel information, and gift registries. You can add video footage of the meals to be served and the décor of the venue to give a first glimpse of the wedding to those attending. 


Drone video

A lot of weddings these days are hiring video production companies with access to drones to capture aerial views of the wedding. Drone shots are great if you’ve got a stunning venue like a beach or a lush green spread.  So another wedding video idea is aerial footage, which adds more of a cinematic appeal to the wedding video and is quickly gaining popularity in the wedding industry with the availability of better and affordable drone technology. 


Save the date video

A video invitation can be a creative way to let your friends and family know about your big day. Include videos of the venue, and you and your fiancé announcing the date of the wedding. To make the video more exciting, you can recreate your proposal or even hire an animator to make a cartoon version of your love story. Make sure to add all the wedding details in the description as well so that the information is clear and easily available. 


Film guest videos

Requesting your guests to record a short and sweet message after the wedding, can help add a sentimental and personal touch to the wedding video. You can either do this during the wedding at the venue or set up a separate room to make them feel more comfortable about being filmed. 


Before you look around for videographers to film your special day, fix your mind on the kind of video you want- like the creative ones listed above- and make sure the wedding videographer you hire has the skill and equipment to carry it out. 

You may have even better ideas than the ones we’ve listed, so be sure to pursue it and have a videographer film it just as you envisioned. It’s your wedding day and you’ll only get to live it out once (hopefully). So you might as well do your best to make it perfect and memorable for yourself as well as your guests. 

In 2020, and into 2021, there have been restrictions on numbers of guests in many countries; our clients have been feeding back to us the importance of wedding videos (and even live-streaming the event) in these times.

Splento has a team of expert wedding videographers to help you film your wedding day in unique and innovative ways. All you need to do is contact us today and then go back to being the happy couple you are. 


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