10x Grand Slam Experience


Yesterday was my first time at Wimbledon. Centre Court. Federer/Mannarino, Williams/Rodina, Nadal/Vesely, Murray-Azarenka/Gronefeld-Farah. Proper Grand Slam! Bam!

Great weather, ice cold pimms and tasty Kentish strawberries and cream.

Couldn’t get any better, right? Wrong.

You know me – never settle for good, when you can make something (even as great as Wimbledon experience) better.

In the age of Visual Content ruling the Internet, two points stuck out for me like a torn string from Djokovic’s tennis racket.

1) I find it odd that tens of thousands of fans resort to taking selfies at awkward locations around Wimbledon grounds, when a professional photo from their favourite hotspot would have made them 10x happier and their trip to Wimbledon 100x more memorable.

Value Proposition?

Imagine half a dozen Splento photographers with professional lights at Henman Hill and just by the entrance to the grounds – taking professional portrait photos of fans in popular hotspots in front of “landmark” spots at Wimbledon – delivering those photos the same day. Twitter and social media will blow up!

Business rationale?

In terms of brand exposure for sponsors – professional, high quality, curated content with Evian or Lavazza logo carefully positioned in each photo will beat any amount of physical sponsorship mentions on walls or posters. How many times was Evian or Lavazza mentioned on social media during the Championship by fans? Not even once?

Hundreds of thousands of mentions, retweets and impressions with the most amazing content imaginable. I cannot wait until All England Lawn Tennis Club, Evian and Lavazza introduce it.

2) It also bamboozles me as to why there are dozens of photographers taking photos of Messrs Federer and Nadal every second of the match and not a single photographer turned around to take photos of the fans.

Value Proposition?
Imagine how memorable would a fan’s trip to Wimbledon be, if they walked away with a candid photo of them cheering for their favourite tennis player. Not a selfie taken during the break, but a professional close up photo with a 400mm lens of them – the crazy shouting, crying, smiling fan – watching the game.

Business rationale?

Just as in the previous example – add sponsor’s logo to each photo and see sponsorship ROI skyrocket.

@Lavazza, @Evian, @AllEnglandLawnTennisClub – do let us know if you decide to take your Championship experience to the next level, amaze your fans and get much higher ROI on your sponsorship buck.


by Roman Grigoriev

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