6 Accessories Traveling Video Creators Should Have With Them Key Tools for On-the-Go Videography


Traveling enables video creators to explore more opportunities. However, it comes with the challenge of ensuring that you have all the necessary equipment.

Working from the comfort of your home differs greatly from being on the road, where you must prepare for the unexpected.

Let’s take a look at some of the best accessories traveling video creators should take with them.

A focused male traveler adjusting his smartwatch, carrying a camera on his back, dressed casually with a cap and t-shirt, standing in a lush forest, embodying the essence of a modern adventure and travel videography.
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1. A Durable Backpack

As a video creator, you are going to be carrying heavy and expensive equipment. Therefore, a durable backpack is a must.

For starters, ensure that you are comfortable wearing the backpack. Since you’ll be carrying extra weight, comfort should be a top priority.

The backpack should also come with multiple compartments to help you organize the equipment. Backpacks usually come with a separate padded pocket dedicated to laptops. 

Finally, look for recycled nylon or another material that offers water-repelling technology. Going around in the rain and failing to protect your equipment from water is difficult to recover from.

A word of caution. If you find a stylish backpack and like it, prioritize functionality over style. A more practical backpack will offer you more on your journeys.


2. A Travel Wallet

Those who travel locally might not need a travel wallet. On the other hand, going overseas means paperwork. If you don’t sort out traveling documents and have everything close to you, you risk losing or forgetting an important piece of paper.

Credit cards, passports, cash in different currencies, various certificates, visas, you name it. A dedicated travel wallet fits in a handbag and is easily accessible whenever you need to show proof or pay.


3. A Portable Charger

Universal portable chargers provide a safety net in case you cannot find any available outlets to charge your devices.

Imagine having to spend time in an airport before your next flight. You want to do some work to be efficient and kill off some time, but you are afraid of the battery running out, and there are no means to charge the laptop or smartphone.

A portable charger solves the problem. You can plug in your device and make the most out of your very own electricity source.

One notable disadvantage of portable chargers is the fact that they are quite heavy. If you pick one with yourself, keep in mind the extra burden it presents. 

Also, some security checks might require some extra explaining to convince them that what you are carrying is nothing more than a traveling accessory.

A person in a yellow jacket operating a flying drone against a backdrop of snow-covered mountains, depicting the use of technology in capturing breathtaking landscapes for travel and adventure content creation.

4. A Drone

Considering how modern video content creation is, it’s hard to imagine operating without a drone.

You might think that taking an entire drone with you on travels is a far-fetched idea, given how much space it takes.

However, there are solutions to this challenge. Instead of having an average-size drone model, you can go with one of the mini options.

For instance, the DJ Mini models are known for their portability. Weighing under 300 grams and having less than a 4-inch wingspan after folding, these drones are perfect as traveling companions.

If you are afraid of their functionality, note that they still offer an ISO range of more than 3000, which should be plenty for your video creation needs.


5. An External Hard Drive

The available storage on smartphones, laptops, or tablets is not necessarily enough. Taking high-quality video and then storing it directly on the device leads to potential space issues.

To avoid potential storage issues, consider an external hard drive. There are affordable HDDs and SSDs available that offer terabytes of storage capacity. Even if you plan to travel for a long time, a dedicated external storage accessory ought to provide enough storage.

Those who want to minimize the clutter they already have to take with them can choose a USB flash stick. Gigabyte for gigabyte, an HDD is a cheaper option, but USB flash sticks offer a more minimalistic solution for traveling video content creators.


6. A Laptop Stand

Since your laptop is arguably the most important piece of equipment in terms of how much you rely on it, creating a comfortable work environment despite traveling makes sense.

One could argue that a laptop stand is a necessity rather than a simple accessory. Thanks to the laptop stand, you can adjust the angle and height of your laptop. If you want to turn on the built-in camera and talk to someone via video chat while standing because you want to take a break from sitting too much, go for it.

Modern laptop stands are sturdy and stable, so you should not experience wobbling or other similar issues. 



To sum it all up, traveling as a video creator comes with multiple challenges. Remember that you can help yourself by getting the proper equipment.

Additional accessories are a traveling burden, but if you want to be productive and get your work done, it’s more or less inevitable that you will have to take extra equipment with you. The most important thing is to choose the items you need.