Top 25 Gaming startups Gaming startups that are playing their way to the top


Video games have been around for years, providing entertainment for both children and adults alike. For those of us who grew up with parents who said gaming would never amount to anything – here’s conclusive proof to prove them wrong. 

The gaming industry is one of the more exciting industries in tech and is now booming like never before. The days of pixelated screens and constant glitches are now a distant memory. As technology advanced, so did the gaming industry.

We have featured here some of the top gaming startups who sure know what they’re doing. Let’s just say these startups have got plenty of game.


Affectiva has developed an innovative emotion recognition software that can detect specific human emotions and analyse their state of mind. This emotion-sensing AI has made its way to the gaming industry to help personalise games by analysing the player’s reactions and sensations. The startup can capture real-time data about player reactions and provide game developers with accurate information about how their game really works.


Founded: 2009 – Boston, USA

Rana el Kaliouby, Rosalind Picard

Total funding: $62.6m

Web: https://www.affectiva.com/


Axiomatic is a gaming startup that specialises in eSports and video games. The company funds a wide range of video gaming experiences for sports fans through strategic partnerships, investments, and acquisitions. This allows clients to actively engage to improve and build the growing eSports and video gaming enterprise.


Founded: 2015 – Los Angeles, USA

Bruce Karsh, Bruce Stein, Peter Guber, Ted Leonsis

Total funding: $47.5m

Web: https://www.axiomaticgaming.com/

Cast AR

CastAR specialises in augmented reality gaming glasses to create a hyper-realistic gaming setup for players. Detailed 3D holograms of elements and characters will appear on the surface of sheet-like material and the glasses can transform your room into a game environment. If you look at this sheet through CastAR’s glasses the characters will move and interact with you. This gaming startup is gaining a lot of attention in the industry, as it brings the world of gaming to life.


Founded: 2013 – Mountain View, USA

Jeri Ellsworth, Rick Johnson

Total funding: $15m

Web: https://www.castar.com/


Deftouch is a mobilegame development  outsourcing startup based in India, that claims to have built the world’s first real-time multiplayer cricket game named All-Star Cricket. The startup’s goal was to bring India its own version of FIFA in the form of cricket.  Before Deftouch, cricket gaming was confined to playing against the computer, which tends to get boring after a while. But multiplayer cricket was a chance to play against other cricket fans.


Founded: 2016 – Bangalore, India

Keshav Sunder, Ninad Bhagwat

Total funding: $1.5m

Web: https://www.deftouch.co/


This games publisher seeks out the best and most unique games from independent creators across the globe. They have produced and released some of the most eccentric and loveable games of the past few years to entertain their gamers. Their diverse portfolio of games mainly focuses on bringing indie games to the forefront of the gaming industry.


Founded: 2009 – Austin, USA

Graeme Struthers, Harry Miller, Mike Wilson, Nigel Lowrie, Rick Stults

Total funding: nk

Web: https://www.devolverdigital.com/


Didimo is a digital character creator company that can build realistic 3D models of humans. Their technology uses the facial inputs of a person to create a real-time avatar that will look, act and speak like the living person. With the help of Didimo, anyone can have a lifelike digital version of themselves to use as their interface with technologies of all kinds – including gaming.


Founded: 2016 –

Leça Da Palmeira, Portugal

Veronica Costa Orvalho

Total funding: $8.8m

Web: https://www.mydidimo.com/


Discord is a gaming communications platform that offers video, voice and text options designed specifically for the gaming community. Using Discord, friends can hang out and game together virtually over the internet. This gaming startup is the most popular way for gamers to communicate – letting you talk about each other’s skills or even laugh at the opposing team’s fatalities. You can use either the private server or public server depending on who you want to play with.


Founded: 2012 – San Francisco, USA

Mikołaj Roszak, Stanislav Vishnevskiy

Total funding: $479.3m

Web: https://www.discordapp.com/

Dream Games

Dream Games designs and develops casual games for mobile gaming in order to allow their gamers to engage in creative and technologically brilliant games. Dream Games focuses on building out the audience for puzzle games with more innovative ideas for the time being. Soon, the startup plans to expand into interactive entertainment as well.

Dream Games

Founded: 2019 – Istanbul, Turkey

Eren Sengul, Hakan Saglam, Ikbal Namli, Serdar Yilmaz, Soner Aydemir

Total funding: $57.5m

Web: https://dreamgames.com/


Gamestream is a cloud gaming platform that allows users to access their favourite games irrespective of where they are or what device they’re using. They provide their customers with a complete white-label cloud gaming service. A huge differentiation from the rest of the market is the fact that Gamestream provides weekly to yearly reports tracking key performance indicators, tracking audiences, sales and usage data which allow their clients to gain insights.


Founded: 2015 – Paris, France

Ivan Lebeau, Olivier Lebigot, Xavier Cavin

Total funding: $6m

Web: https://www.gamestream.biz/


Gazoom is a platform that edits and shares gaming clips. This application can automatically capture highlights and grant gamers direct access to their gaming highlights anywhere, anytime. For all the gamers that have difficulties recording and then sharing their epic highlights with their friends, Gazoom can make your lives a whole lot easier. Their AI-driven recording tool will record all your gaming highlights and instantly sync these clips with the Gazoom mobile application.


Founded: 2018 – Barcelona, Spain

Lucas Leisner, Marc Leisner, Sergio Muñoz Bravo

Total funding: €400k

Web: https://www.gazoon-app.com/


Improbable is a UK-based gaming startup that makes distributed simulation software for video games. Improbable’s software is designed to simulate systems on an unprecedentedly massive and realistic scale. It allows users to experience an immersive and authentic world of gaming allowing them to play games related to defence, energy, health and finance sectors.


Founded: 2012 – London, UK

Herman Narula, Peter Lipka, Rob Whitehead

Total funding: $604.1m

Web: https://www.improbable.io/

Lucid Sight

Lucid Sight is a virtual reality gaming startup that allows other gaming companies to effectively monetize their VR games. The company’s software development kit will help VR developers to advertise and showcase their games on virtual reality content platforms that suit their software. Its ultimate aim is to keep virtual reality games free and accessible to as many users as possible.


Founded: 2015 – Los Angeles, USA

Fazri Zubair, Octavio Herrera, Randy Saaf

Total funding: $11m

Web: https://www.lucidsight.com/

Manticore Games

Manticore Games is a gaming developer that offers high-quality fantasy games with insights that take advantage of user-generated content, to provide users with enhanced multiplayer gaming experiences. Manticore Games developed Core, a free platform for game development that allows gamers and aspiring game-creators to try their hand at creating their own games and sharing them with the world.

Manticore Games

Founded: 2016 – San Mateo, USA

Frederic Descamps, Jordan Maynard

Total funding: $60m

Web: https://www.manticoregames.com/


Mobalytics is said to be ‘The Ultimate Gaming Assistant’ as it analyses your performance to determine your strengths and weaknesses, to provide useful insight on how to improve your game. The startup can use user performance data to pinpoint certain aspects of the player’s gaming abilities and then provide personalised advice on how to get better. This platform is truly revolutionary to the world of professional gaming.


Founded: 2016 – Marina Del Rey, USA

Amine Issa, Bogdan Suchyk, Nikolay Lobanov

Total funding: $13.9m

Web: https://www.mobalytics.gg/


Overwolf is a software platform that builds and develops gaming apps for gamers as well as creators. Overwolf offers a framework that gives game developers all the necessary tools they need to build gaming apps. The startup works with individual developers and corporates to add new features that can significantly improve the user experience for gamers.


Founded: 2010 – Tel Aviv, Israel

Alon Rabinovitz, Gil Or, Nir Finkelstein, Uri Marchand

Total funding: $74.7m

Web: https://www.overwolf.com/

Rec Room

Rec Room is an online platform that encourages the gaming community to build and play games with friends. This augmented and virtual reality software company allows the global gaming community to play in a virtual environment while chatting with others in the same virtual space. This way, gamers across the world can socialise with each other through virtual reality.

Rec Room

Founded: 2016 – Seattle, USA

Bilal Orhan, Cameron Brown, Dan Kroymann, John Bevis, Josh Wehrly, Nick Fajt

Total funding: $149m

Web: https://www.recroom.com/

Ryu Games

Ryu Games provides its clients with cutting edge software development kits that can turn any mobile game of skill into real money tournaments. The idea is to make games more fun and exciting for users, and also make them profitable for the developers. The company’s platform uses blockchain technology to store tournament results, manage payments and encrypt sensitive user data, which allows game developers to design games exactly how they want them.

Ryu Games

Founded: 2017 – San Francisco, USA

Ross Krasner, Wyatt Mufson

Total funding: $2.7m

Web: https://ryu.games/


Scopely is an interactive entertainment and mobile games startup that partners with game developers and entertainment companies to bring some of the best free-to-play games to phones. Some of their popular games include Scrabble Go, Marvel Strike Force, and Star Trek Fleet Command. The startup is now well beyond casual gaming, into role-playing and strategy games.


Founded: 2011 – Culver City, USA

Ankur Bulsara, Eric Futoran, Eytan Elbaz, Walter Driver

Total funding: $998.5m

Web: https://www.scopely.com/


Sorare is a crypto-currency based global fantasy football game where players can buy, trade, and play with official digital cards without worrying about its legitimacy. Sorare uses the best standards of the Ethereum blockchain to guarantee each player card cannot be copied, thus improving user experiences. Sorare is the first licensed company to distribute crypto cards of football players.


Founded: 2018 – Paris, France

Adrien Montfort, Nicolas Julia

Total funding: $59.2m

Web: https://sorare.com/


Sphero is a gaming startup that is targeted primarily at children. The apps are connected with robotic toys that provide a truly innovative and immersive learning experience for them. Children can programme their toys with the connected app, making them move forward, swivel, swirl, and more. Sphero focuses less on entertainment and more on learning, to help enhance children’s education from a very young age.


Founded: 2010 – Boulder, USA

Adam Wilson, Adam Wilson, Ian Bernstein

Total funding: $148.5m

Web: https://www.sphero.com/


SQream is an analytics startup, offering a database platform that allows companies to find more ways to become closer to their users, improving their experience and engagement. The startup collects and analyses data such as gameplay data, microtransactions, in-game advertising, and player interactions in real-time. This gaming startup enables companies to act on user-level personalisation by quickly processing player information.


Founded: 2010 – New York, USA

Ami Gal, Kostya Varakin, Razi Shoshani

Total funding: $77m

Web: https://www.sqream.com/


Statespace is a New York-based gaming startup that offers training for gamers looking to improve their performance. Their AI-based analytics and training platform can understand the strengths and weaknesses of a player and allows professional gamers to get custom and personalised training programmes specifically for their individual needs, enabling them to grow in performance.


Founded: 2017 – New York, USA

Jay Fuller, Wayne Mackey

Total funding: $52.1m

Web: https://www.statespace.gg/


Storms is a Singapore-based gaming startup that acts as a data aggregator platform, bringing the latest and trending news pertaining to gaming, content creators, and happenings all into one place. This online community allows gamers to chat with other enthusiastic gamers, explore new games, and discover talented content creators.


Founded: 2019 – Singapore City, Singapore

Total funding: nk

Web: https://storms.com/

Theorycraft Games

Theorycraft Games is an up and coming gaming startup that works on games that can be played with friends. The team has worked on popular games such as Halo, League of Legends, Valorant, Overwatch and Team Fortress 2.  Theorycraft Games places the player in the centre of every game they develop, keeping in mind that all games are best when played with friends.


Founded: 2020 – Los Angeles, USA

Areeb Pirani, Michael Evans

Total funding: $37.5m

Web: https://www.theorycraftgames.com/

Twitch, by Amazon

Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers where you can watch and chat with other fans from across the globe. You can find a stream by browsing various categories, including your favourite games. If you find a game streamer that you like, you can follow their channel and get updates and notifications of their activity. Twitch has grown beyond the startup level and is already competing in the big leagues.


Founded: 2007 – San Francisco, USA

Emmett Shear, Justin Kan, Kevin Lin, Kyle Vogt, Michael Seibel, Omar Javed

Total funding: $35m

Web: https://www.twitch.tv/

The list above includes startups whose aim is to help improve – and even disrupt – the game industry.

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