Top 20 Proptech Startups going places in 2021 Property market disruptors worth a view


PropTech or ReTech (short for Property Technology and Real Estate Technology) are the terms used to describe the current swathe of property startups that are explosively growing all across the globe.

In part, because the market demanded change and in part due to the ‘Covid effect’, this sector has seen accelerated growth in the past year and – now that it has gained momentum – is not likely to slow down.

This Proptech growth means that the property market – both in the UK and abroad – will not be returning to ‘normal’, even long after the direct effects of the Covid pandemic have passed.

These companies represent a permanent change in the property market – the way it is run, the services it provides and the business profitability it offers.

Digital transformation offers benefits to everyone, and this is equally as true for property as for other markets.


acasa came about to create a unified, frictionless and deeply integrated platform that brings shared homes into the digital age. Not just a bill-sharing app, they streamline rent payments, bill payments and also act as a simple sign-up portal for energy, TV licencing and more. Ultimately, they aim to create the ability to ‘log-in’ and ‘log-out’ of any home, anywhere in the world. With a single click.

Founded:  2014 – London, UK

Nick Katz, Vasanth Subramanian

Total funding: $1.2m

Web: https://www.helloacasa.com/


Backed by leading experts in Artificial Intelligence and the property industry specialists, Blyng aims to disrupt the property agency sector. Blyng virtual assistant chatbot delivers instant, consistent, accurate and personalised interactions with customers across multiple contact channels tailored for property market businesses – agencies and mortgage brokers.

Founded:  2018 – London, UK

Julien Priour

Total funding: –

Web: https://www.blyng.io/


Canopy are on a mission to revolutionise renting, by creating a trust-based “Rental Ecosystem” for the property rental market. As a marketplace, Canopy connects pre-approved ready to rent renters with leading property companies such as Hamptons International, Greystar and CBRE.
Their core product, RentPassport,, enables instant Renter screening (60 seconds) offering Renters a TrustScore, providing access to a range of services including deposit free renting, payments, finding housemates and managing property-related experience.

Founded:  2017 – London, UK

Tahir Farooqui

Total funding: $9.6m

Web: https://www.canopy.rent/


Coadjute is a blockchain based network that aims to connect all areas of a property purchase transactions together using technology, thus solving a problem that’s been in the market for some time – estate agents, conveyancers and brokers operating separately, with the consumer being caught in the middle. Coadjute connects the parties involved in residential real estate property transactions. Integrated behind their existing CRM software, we can provide businesses with a synchronised view of progress and data for the transaction, and enable documents and messages to be securely shared between them, cutting costs and speeding up the process.

Founded:  2018 – London, UK

John Reynolds, Mark Adams, Sanj Bulsara

Total funding: –

Web: https://www.coadjute.com/


Credas are a buyer and seller AML verification service that offers live customer ID services. They offer a simple, slick and smart identity verification solution, which utilises full traceability, electronic verification, a user-friendly portal and a secure mobile app and ensures compliance with HMRC and other regulatory bodies.

They are a one-stop-shop for real-time identity and ID document verification, including document and face recognition technology. And all this with 97.7% accuracy of facial recognition software and 100% NFC chip reading.

Best of all, their services integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM and current onboarding processes.

Founded:  2017 – Cardiff, UK

Total funding: –

Web: https://www.credas.co.uk/


Flyhomes is one of those simple business propositions that just makes sense to its customers. Flyhomes will take the client property that is listed for sale and turn it into cash – meaning the client is now a cash-buyer and a much more attractive proposition for property sellers. Flyhomes break the chain. They then prep and market the customer’s old home for sale and if it’s not sold in 90 days – they buy it from them.

Founded:  2015 – Seattle, USA

Stephen Lane, Tushar Garg

Total funding: $160m

Web: https://www.flyhomes.com/


Gleensite is a software company that aims to use technology to make these predictions about whether an area is going to flourish and drive house prices up in the future.

The company has created a platform that offers predictive analytics for real estate, using big data, AI and experience from partners to determine where you should buy, build or even rent.

Founded:  2016 – London, UK

Alejandro Garcia Manic, Daniel Kagane

Total funding: –

Web: https://www.gleensite.com/


Homesnap is an online mobile platform providing real estate services to agents, brokers and consumers. A provides a real estate mobile app combining property tax records, census data, geographic boundaries and much more. The portal aims to provide consumers with direct access to the most comprehensive, timely, and complete property information available.


Founded:  2008 – Rockville, USA

Guy Wolcott, John Mazur, Steve Barnes

Total funding: $32m

Web: https://www.homesnap.com/

Kasa Living

Kasa Living is a real estate company that focuses on building a global accommodations brand.

They lease furnished apartments for short-term and long-term stays and partners with landlords by sharing rent revenue from tenants with them.The company partners with owners of multifamily and boutique hospitality properties, transforming underutilised real estate into professionally managed units that cater to business and leisure travellers.

Founded:  2016 – San Francisco, USA

Roman Pedan

Total funding: $56.3m

Web: https://www.kasa.com/


Landed helps essential professionals (including those working in education and healthcare) buy homes and build financial security near the communities they serve through financial solutions, a network of trusted agents and lenders, and homebuying education and support. Their downpayment scheme helps buyers obtain a 20% downpayment on a property – by providing up to 15% of the property value.

Founded:  2015 – San Francisco, USA

Alex Lofton, Jesse Vaughan, Jonathan Asmis

Total funding: $22.1m

Web: https://www.landed.com/


Latchel provides an operations platform intended to track maintenance and vendor selection. The company’s platform provides maintenance tracking and vendor selection services by property management companies to track maintenance requests, increase net margins, and increase renter satisfaction via mobile application, enabling users to connect automatically with the tenants.

Founded:  2016 – Seattle, USA

Ethan Lieber, Jullian Chavez, Will Gordon

Total funding: $7.6m

Web: https://www.latchel.com/


Lavanda provides a SaaS platform which is designed to optimise a client’s real estate assets. It has created a platform which allows property managers and landlords access to the short and medium-term rental demand and gives them full control over pricing, availability and much more – in essence, it means that a landlord with multiple short-term let properties can run their entire business on the platform – even from a mobile.

Lavanda Logo

Founded:  2014 – London, UK

Frank Breckner, Guy Westlake

Total funding: $8.3m

Web: https://www.getlavenda.com/

Local Logic

Co-founded by urban planners turned data scientists, Local Logic focuses on collecting, cleaning, and combining data to help travellers, home buyers, and consumers

make better, more informed decisions when it comes to location. Unlocking, as they say, location intelligence to match people to places, with over 100 billion data points.

Founded:  2014 – Montréal, Canada

Gabriel Damant-Sirois, Vincent-Charles Hodder

Total funding: CA$9.3m

Web: https://www.locallogic.co/

Marks Out Of Tenancy

Researching the rental market through genuine, first-hand experiences from the UK’s 12m renters is what Marks out of Tenancy is about. They join the community reviewing their landlord, letting agent, property and neighbourhood today. They are also adding legal guides for tenants and landlords, open data on cities and neighbourhoods and many more features, enabling tenants to get the most out of their next rental property.

Founded:  2015 – Bristol, UK

Ben Yarrow

Total funding: –

Web: https://www.marksoutoftenancy.com/


Moovshack offer a mobile-first fully interactive & transaction enabled property app.

Both for buyers and renters, customers can find property, create & save content, chat to agents, book viewings and store all home-related information in one dedicated app for instant access & retrieval. Agents can brand Moovshack as their own agency app and engage fully with all their applicants & customers from the start to the end of their journey.

Founded:  2015 – London, UK

Mick Silver, Pavel Sich

Total funding: $2.6m

Web: https://www.moovshack.com/

MRI Software

MRI is a SAAS (software as a service) that allows you to run the many aspects of your agency from within one streamlined software package.

Familiarity brings efficiency, and also means an end to logging in and out of various systems to complete different tasks in the day to day running of your business.

Securely offering access from both desktop and mobile, the system will happily integrate with third-party applications, enabling you to choose the systems that suit you best.

Reports and analysis always keep your finger on the pulse of your business in real-time, while the system gives your staff one integrated, familiar interface for all your computer services.

Founded:  1971 (originally) – Solon, USA

Fred Goodman, Sid Goodman

Total funding: $1m

Web: https://www.mrisoftware.com/


Proportunity is a technology-driven mortgage lender. The company pushes the edge on real estate data-driven investment insights. It uses machine learning to accurately forecast house prices and up-and-coming areas, providing loans to buyers looking to purchase homes in forecasted high-growing areas.

It offers more generous loans in areas where it expects property prices to rise.

Founded:  2016 – London, UK

Stefan Boronea, Vadim Toader

Total funding: £11.9m

Web: https://www.propertunity.co/


Settled describe themselves as the future of property selling buying and exploration, by offering a house purchase process that is digital (not paper) and mobile device based.

They unpack the home buying and selling experience, connecting all the steps and fixing the broken bits. they unite buyers and sellers, giving them the power to interact and make the choices that are theirs to make. In doing so, they’re helping to reduce fall-through rates,

strengthen chains and accelerate the journey to completion.

Founded:  2014 – London, UK

Gemma Young, Paul Young

Total funding: $3.1m

Web: https://www.settled.co.uk/

TravelTime Technologies

The TravelTime platform locates, ranks & sorts points of interest by travel time, not distance. Consumer-facing websites or apps can access the platform via an API, then their users can find the geographic content they want, using the travel time and transport mode of their choice.

For example, an estate agent’s site can ‘show suitable houses within 45 minutes commute by public transport, to arrive by 09.00’ and a restaurant site could ‘show restaurants within a 20-minute walk of my hotel’. TravelTime typically doubles the number of relevant results, when compared to a ‘within X miles’ distance-based search.

Founded:  2009 – London, UK

Charlie Davies, Peter Lilley

Total funding: £3.2m

Web: https://www.traveltime.com/


UnderTheDoormat is a premium homestay service for homeowners and guests in the high growth homestay sector. Delivering a more professional, high-quality service than P2P platforms, the company is merging two markets – homestays and hotels – to create a new one: The Branded Home Accommodation sector.

By offering a superior hospitality service in homes, UnderTheDoormat can reach homeowners and guests who would otherwise sit out the homestay revolution and by mastering the logistics of hotel-quality service across a distributed portfolio, the company can lead the market it is helping to create.

Founded:  2014 – London, UK

Merilee Karr

Total funding: £1.4m

Web: https://www.underthedoormat.com/

The list above includes startups whose aim is to help improve – and even disrupt – the proptech industry.

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