Splento’s Annual Shareholder Letter 2019


Dear Splento Stakeholders,  

As Splento grows, it’s not just our business practices that have to become (and are becoming) more efficient. My writing has to evolve as well 🙂 

My 2018 Annual Letter had almost 15,000 characters. This year – it’s only 6,500 characters (a 55% saving!), despite the fact that this year we have tons more news to share. 

So let’s get straight to business: 

THE WORLD IS MOVING ONLINE! Great visual content helps to make this move more efficient. Someone needs to provide this great quality visual content. Splento is well positioned to be that someone.

Now in a bit more detail: 

1) Great Visual Content Helps to Make This Move from Offline to Online More Efficient.

To sell something online – be it services, products, food, events or even an idea – you need great quality visuals. 

A long time ago we realized that: 

  • Food delivery, holiday rental or e-commerce companies that have listings without great photos are missing on billions of additional revenue. 
  • Conference organisers and entertainment venues who forget to hire photographers and videographers (to make sure they let the world know about their wonderful events) don’t capitalise on the buzz to get more clients for next time. 
  • City professionals who use their brother-in-law to take headshots for their websites and LinkedIn profiles are turning away business. 
  • Organisations that don’t use video content to train their staff, promote their products or services and build trust with their wider ecosystem are also missing a huge trick.  

So what? 

This is why Splento’s obsession with wanting to help the world make a move from offline to online more efficient, painless and affordable has been the driving force behind everything we do from day one. 

2) Someone Needs to Provide This Visual Content

The current solutions are too expensive and inefficient. You can find hundreds of thousands of creatives all over the world to suit every “visual need” using your preferred search engine or freelance marketplace. But “finding” is the easy part. 

Delivering the end-to-end solution (or soup to nuts, as our American brethren prefer to say) that is faster, cheaper and more reliable is where the added value is. And this solution also has to scale up and down with clients’ requirements and work seamlessly worldwide.

So what? 

To solve real problems you can’t just match – you need a solution that creates value through the acquisition, matching, connection and scalable execution of orders for various customer groups, by enabling them to transact in a seamless and cost-efficient way worldwide. 

3) Splento is Well Positioned to be the Major Provider of Visual Content and help the world move from offline to online efficiently.


  • We are different;
  • We have a superpower;
  • We are in it for the long term;
  • We are just getting started.

We are different: Splento is a platform!

If we had a Wikipedia entry, we would actually be disappointed to see the words marketplace or on-demand be prominently featured there. Instead, we would want this Wikipedia entry to say that: 

Splento is a London-based multinational technology company that develops, markets, and operates the splento.com platform, which helps the world to make a smooth transition from offline to online by offering a wide range of visual content solutions. 

The fast-growing list of tech solutions includes:

  • facial recognition; 
  • creative supply chain management (sourcing, filtering, onboarding, payment); 
  • full job lifecycle management (job distribution, calendar management; notifications); 
  • editing lifecycle management (editing, resizing, renaming, exif data, storage); 
  • quality assurance (quality, delivery timing, shot-list cross-checks); 
  • business intelligence; 
  • online sales & bookings; 
  • payments and finance; 
  • rescheduling, cancellations, reshooting.

The range of visual content solutions includes food, property, event, sport, product, personal photography and videography, with CGI, AR & VR products road mapped for launching over the next few years. 

What is our superpower? 

We know how to systematically find pain points for large groups of clients and bring solutions to the market within weeks. We’ve built defensible tech and unique business processes that allow us to make the experience of creation, delivery and storage of great quality visual content for our clients easy, fast and always fairly priced!

Furthermore – we are in it for the long term!

As many of you know by now – my end goal is not “to make a lot of money and retire”.  I get out of bed every morning to work alongside an amazing team of like-minded entrepreneurial spirits to solve pressing problems for the largest possible number of people. 

When you are building a business with a 10, 50 or even a 100-year horizon, the decisions you make may look strange to outsiders, but there is a reason behind everything we do. 

We strongly believe the world will continue creating and consuming increasingly more visual content in the decades to come. This visual content will need to be sourced, sorted, delivered, stored and analysed by someone in a seamless and cost-efficient way and Splento is taking on that challenge with gusto. 

And we are just getting started! 

We will continue looking at various creative niches, finding services that can be turned into scalable products with positive unit economics, put them onto Splento rails, standardise them and grow worldwide. 

The first step on our one thousand mile journey was to make professional photography a five-star experience that is affordable and accessible to clients all over the world. 

But we always knew our future was way beyond that. This year we’ve launched: 

  • Videography;
  • Professional-Grade Smartphone Photography;
  • Facial Recognition for Events; 
  • and a lot more. 

Follow THIS LINK to see a Commercial Advert that we’ve created for our consumer range of services. 

If your company or any of your contacts need “John Lewis Christmas Ad” style commercials, but don’t have their millions to spend, Splento now has the expertise in that niche as well and you will get the same seamless and efficient experience you always get with Splento. 

If you want to join us on our journey as a colleague, investor, client, an amazing creative or just an observer – please visit our newly relaunched and rebranded website www.splento.com and get in touch with us!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

With best wishes,

CEO, Splento

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