March 2020 Update



When COVID-19 hits the fan, what do you do? You double down on what’s working! 

In these uncertain times talking to your team, your investors, your customers, your suppliers, your friends and family is more important than ever before. The only universal piece of advice anyone can (and should) give you now is to wash your hands, stay at home and over-communicate. 

Therefore, instead of my regular monthly updates – I’ll be switching to a series of short daily posts over the coming weeks (or perhaps months), over-communicating to you my thoughts about dealing with this uncertainty.

Think of these posts as water-cooler chats or what I would say to you if we sat down for a quick coffee. 

Undoubtedly, you have your preferred medium of communication, so I’ll be posting to all popular platforms.







Stay safe, stay connected! 

Kind regards


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