January 2020 Update



New Year, New Splento! 

We are still on the same old mission to help the world move online by visualising it, but the mission and vision aside – we are a brand new company!

Despite an increasing amount of work, for the first time in a long, long time I found myself with a very short to-do list. A grand fat zero items on my to-do list – to be precise. 


Let me explain… 

1) ZOOM / Recent Update: 

In January three amazing senior leaders joined our team: Head of Sales, Head of Ops and Head of HR.

You know that I highly enjoy being the dumbest person in the proverbial room. Well, my dream just came true – learning so much from them already that I couldn’t be happier!  

So what? We do hire slow. But if you want to know why – give me a call, I’ll explain my theory behind it.   

2) FOCUS / Looking Ahead: 

We are on course to 4x (revenues and orders) in Q1 2020 over a comparable period last year. All that without major additions to the immediate team responsible for the increased order fulfillment (although we are hiring a lot for new verticals). 

So what? We said it a long time ago: only tech-powered businesses will dominate their respective industries and from Day 1 we’ve been building a platform that helps us process 10x the volume of orders with only 2x the number of people.

3) EXPOSURE / Ask: 

You know those TV ads that large listed companies and fast-growing startups pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to advertising agencies to produce? Well, we’ve added TV commercials and video production to the list of our products and the orders have started piling in.

Why? We found a growth hack on how to shoot those TV commercials at least at half price and without an intermediary’s (the advertising agency) premium on top.

If you come across any clients or partners who require full-blown commercials and want to save a few hundred thousand dollars, please send them our way! 

So what? Our vision includes the disruption of dozens of £100m-£5bn per annum visual content industries, and commercials are one of those we’ll start tackling actively in 2020.

Kind regards,



P.S. You can find all previous updates from 2019 HERE

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