December 2018 Update



They say, wishing someone a Happy New Year should be reserved for the first two weeks of January, so I still have time to say:

Happy New Year!

I would love to blame our postal services for the late delivery of Splento’s December 2018 update, but in fact, it was all self-inflicted. We switched our CRM providers and the transition took a bit longer than we expected.

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1) ZOOM / Recent Update:

For those of you interested in Splento’s 2018 highlights and plans for 2019, please read our Annual Shareholder Letter by following this link: https://www.splento.com/blog/2018/12/31/annual-shareholder-letter/
As for December 2018 update, the list of our enterprise leads kept growing. From couple more food delivery companies to sport events giants and conference marketplaces. Lots of big names, lots of quotes, lots of negotiations. Once our initial trials are done and we sign them up as clients, we’ll provide a more detailed report.  

2) FOCUS / Looking Ahead:

January 2019 is all about execution. We will continue delivering the best possible service to Deliveroo and then will do our best to pick up UberEats, JustEat, Delivery Hero, Swiggy and many others.

It drives us mad seeing so many great businesses waste so much time, money and effort coordinating professional photoshoots of all the dishes for their platforms themselves when they can effortlessly and affordably do it via Splento. So we are on a mission to help them!  

3) EXPOSURE / Ask:

My main objective for 2019 is to start building relationships with VCs for our Series A round in late 2019/early 2020. If you know any VCs who understand and invest in managed marketplaces and B2B/Enterprise platforms, please introduce us.

Have a great week!

Kind regards


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