A Message to Our Competitor By Roman Grigoriev


Dear Matt and all at Snappr,

Congratulations on your raise! We are sincerely happy for you.

As your competitors, the whole team at Splento is thrilled that at long last someone has raised a substantial round in our industry. We needed it!

We all know that it doesn’t matter who was the first to the market. Uber wasn’t the first, nor was Airbnb or DropBox. Industry leaders are those who scale first, not invent the idea.

Therefore, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders so please allow us to share a few thoughts.

1) Ours is an amazing industry but it has been stuck in the 20th Century. Our business model will take this industry into a brave new world!

2) Be smart with your money and don’t let your burn rate get out of control. Healthy competition is great, but if you do wild things, waste the money and go out of business, it’ll reflect badly on the whole industry.

3) We know that it’s easy to find photographers to satisfy the “supply” side of our model but please treat them well and with respect. If you don’t, it will soon come back to bite you and consequently, damage the whole industry.

4) Even though most photographers benefit from what we do, not all of them see it that way. Concentrate on the majority that will work with you. The world is better off with Uber and Airbnb, despite what cabbies and hotel owners say.

5) Last, but not least, we really hoped that you would have raised much more. So please put your money to good use, keep talking to those Sand Hill Road VCs and aim higher! Much higher.

With best wishes,

Roman Grigoriev
Founder and CEO of Splento

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