Different sports and what they offer for children Encouraging child development through childhood sports


Sports play a big role in many children’s lives and it can help a child grow into an independent and confident adult. There are many sports to choose from, they are all fun to do, but each of these sports offers something different. 

But how does a parent help their child find the perfect sport for them that can aid their child’s development, teach them new skills and allow them have fun? (Let alone, let off some steam).

Some parents might send a child to do a sport that they loved when they were younger. Sometimes, it’s not so clear-cut.

In this blog, we will look at seven different types of sports and what each of them offers. 



This sport is seen to be very popular amongst children, especially in the UK where many consider it to be the national sport. It can be seen as one of the favourite sports for children to do, as it is also well-loved internationally; many fans end up tuning in to watch the World Cup that comes around once every four years. 

Not only is this sport really fun to take part in, but children find a sense of community due to how loved football is. It also teaches them vital skills that they will need in the future. 

Football helps children work as a team, teaching them how everyone has a fair role to play. It also improves children’s dexterity and balance – learning to control the ball whilst running, turning and often on one foot.

It can also teach patience, and (like almost every sport) the important lesson that practice pays off, over time.


Childhood sports



From a young age, swimming lessons are seen as something really important for children to take part in, as this skill could end up saving their life. But swimming doesn’t have to be all serious; it is also really fun for children as they have the opportunity to be in a completely new environment, in water, where physics and their bodies, seem to behave differently. 

When a child learns to swim, it helps them tackle the fear of water as it teaches them that they are the ones in control, once they know how to stay afloat in the water. Swimming is such a useful skill, and one that no one ever forgets how to do – even if they don’t have the chance to swim for some years. 

During swimming lessons, children have the chance to learn about breath control which improves their lung power. And learning all the different styles of strokes helps build muscle strength ﹘ making them strong in the currents that swirl in the water. 



Many children are falling in love with this sport, as this enjoyable activity help many children find their talent. Gymnastics offers many different skills for a child to learn, whilst improving their flexibility and balance. 

Flexibility is crucial, as developing this skill actually improves many other elements for a child, paving the way to a healthier future. It can help with mobility, posture and reduces the risk of injury. 

Having good balance is also vital in life as it gives children more control over their core and limbs. Developing these muscles and skills as children will dramatically affect their long-term fitness and ability to exercise as they grow.



These sports brings every child, no matter if they are shy or confident, together to have an amazing time. Netball and basketball can be played anywhere; all you need is a ball and a hoop. Children who play netball or basketball get a lot out of it, as it helps them develop in many different ways. Most importantly, the sports improve children’s hand-eye coordination, which can even impact on seemingly unconnected everyday tasks, such as writing. They give children the chance to improve their reaction time, and having good reflexes allows is a benefit in many ways.


Sports for children



For children, this game will less be fierce than adults playing, but children who take part in this sport have the opportunity to learn a lot. Hockey is a fast sport, and due to this, it improves a child’s mental agility. Children who have the chance to learn first hand in this quick environment tend to have a higher ability to make decisions on the sport. It is also known that children learn to use mental imagery, this skill helps a child understand how to do something ﹘ a useful skill to have when they are older as it can guide a person to achieve their goals. 



Children are enjoying this sport due to its competitive spirit that enlightens many of them. This sport has grown in popularity with many idols, such as Serena Williams, taking part in Wimbledon and the Omplyics. 

This sport teaches children many different skills. As they learn the proper techniques of tennis, it gives them the chance to understand why they need to strategise their moves. Learning this skill helps children with concentration and tactical thinking. These skills can be crossed over into their school life, as being able to focus is key for children; as they grow up, this can significantly improve their performance in academic studies and exams.

Developing children through sports

Marital Arts

There are many different types of martial arts, such as judo, karate and so forth, and although all of these fighting styles are slightly different, they all help children develop the same useful skills.

Discipline is the first thing that many children learn when taking on this sport. With this skill, children understand that sometimes a small sacrifice can do wonders for their future as it helps them create different habits that produce a good routine for a successful life. 

Material arts also teaches self-defence, and even after years of not doing sports, students still do remember these skills, as they become engrained. 

This sport also helps children to focus better, a good skill for them to have during school as well as when they grow up and start working. 

Some parents might worry about sending their child to do martial arts at a young age because it is seen as violent, but the skills that are taught help them when they are older.


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