What every beginner needs to know about event photography rates Where to start when determining event photography pricing


If you are reading this and are wondering ‘how to start charging for event photography?’ then read on – because this post is going to take you through event photography pricing and how to set your prices as a beginner event photographer. 

Even if you currently see your event photography as a personal hobby and creative outlet, there is no reason why you cannot also utilise this skill of yours as a professional and attract clients. But you want to make sure that you charge the right amount if you do decide you would like to make a business out of your event photography. Being an event photographer requires a great amount of time, effort, knowledge, and skill – so a key takeaway from this article is to not undersell yourself when setting you event photography pricing! 


How To Start Charging for Event Photography 

Before you start charging for your event photography services you must know what you are charging for. It is important that you consider the total cost of your equipment fees and the cost of other materials to make a profit as an event photographer and get paid for your labour. 

Cost of Materials

If you are selling your event photography in a package that includes print copies of photos, then you need to consider the cost of printing images when pricing. If this option applies, you should also factor in the cost of packing and shipping.


In order to become a credible professional event photographer, you are going to want to purchase suitable photographer insurance, and this cost also will need consideration. 


Before you can begin your event photography venture you will also need to have the correct equipment. If you are looking to monetise your event photography hobby then chances are you already have a camera, but there might be equipment costs, such as separate lenses, post-production equipment and lighting software that you need to factor into your overhead costs. If moving from hobby to pro, then also consider maintenance and replacement costs for your equipment. You should be thinking to put aside a set amount per month to cover these costs, on top of the initial equipment purchase.


Event photography pricing


Event Photography Pricing Guide 

There is not a straightforward answer to the question ‘how much do event photographers charge per photo?’ because it really is dependent on factors such as time, location and experience. Many event photographers do not charge on a per-photo basis, and instead price their event photography per hour due to the vast number of photos that they will naturally take at an event. 

Freelance photographers are often the exception to the rule of average event photography pricing and will often charge higher rates than event photographers working under contract or for an employer. 

Yet, the average event photographer’s cost per hour as a beginner can be anywhere from £99 per hour up to £400 an hour. Some event photographers will charge more for weddings, or for working weekends, but we recommend keeping your pricing consistent to attract more clients, especially when you are first starting out as a beginner event photographer.

If we take a look at Splento’s event photography package as an example, they charge a flat fee of £99 an hour for all event photography services. This price applies regardless of the type of event, the length of the event or the day that the event takes place. 

Additionally, Splento event photography packages always include photo editing – and this is something that you should be offering in your own event photography package. As a solo or freelance artist, you may not be able to match Splento’s 24 delivery of edited photos, but do try and keep customers waiting for as short a time as possible – one of the biggest gripes in the industry is the amount of time taken to deliver retouched photos. Cutting this time down to a few days can create a huge advantage for you. 

We hope that these event photography pricing tips for beginners have been helpful to you. If you would like to know more about how to start charging for event photography, then check out our comprehensive event photography pricing guide.

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