Top 7 tips to master portrait photography How to capture stunning portrait photographs


Portrait photography is the art of capturing the character of your subject through a camera lens. It’s not as easy as clicking a picture of a smiling bride or a tearful baby. Great portrait photography involves the right combination of technique and the subject’s comfort and behaviour around the camera.   

Portrait photography is all about portraying people at their best. With years of experience being- well… human, we can all agree this isn’t the easiest of skills to master. Whether you dabble in portrait photography as a hobby or your career is based in a portrait studio, these suggestions should help you become a better portrait photographer. 


Portrait photography tips that every photographer should know

1. Choose the right lens

As with all forms of photography, the camera lens can be an essential tool for getting the right shot of a person. There is no single best lens when it comes to portrait photography so do your research and settle on a lens that suits your style. 

Decide on a lens that complements your subject’s features. If you’re shooting a subject where the background plays an important role, select a lens that will accommodate that too. 


2. Interact with your subject

Your portrait is all about capturing the emotions and expressions of your subject, so if they are uncomfortable or awkward at the shoot, it’ll definitely show on camera.  

Take the time to engage in a friendly conversation with your subjects. You have to open up your subjects so that they overcome their shy selves, to be able to act like themselves around the camera.


3. Play with backgrounds

Portrait photography is more intricate than just capturing a face. Sometimes a good background can add more depth to the portrait and help your subject stand out. The background is just as important as the subject in focus.


4. Get closer

If you want to master storytelling through portrait photography you have to get up close and personal with your subjects. Intimate photography isn’t something that every subject will be comfortable with, so establish a good relationship before you get all up in your subject’s personal space. 


5. Adjust your camera settings

The trickiest aspect of portrait photography is to capture a face as it looks to the human eye – if not better. The tone and appearance of a subject’s skin are dependent on your camera settings. Watch your white balance to make sure to avoid shooting reflected light. 


6. Take candid photos

Whether it’s fake or real, we can admit that candid photography is a great way to film someone in their natural element. People are generally not comfortable posing and this discomfort becomes apparent in portraits. Getting your subjects to engage in activities and shooting candidly can result in some fantastic portraits. 


7. It’s all about the eyes

A person’s eyes are said to be the windows to their soul. A genuine sparkle in the eye is an expression that every portrait photographer strives to capture in their work.

Your subject’s eyes can emote a lot of thoughts and feelings that only an expert photographer can capture. Watch what your subject’s eyes are doing and be sure to click when the right time presents itself. 


Portrait photography can be an exciting form of photography that can always bring something new to the table. Seeing the excitement in your subject’s eyes when they see the final product is a moment to cherish – and perhaps itself is even a moment to capture.  

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