Top 10 young London photographers to follow  Learn a few tricks from the experts


There are some amazing London photographers to follow in 2021.

Many people are constantly talking about how they waste their time on social media platforms – but they are failing to look at the productive side of it. Photographers, for example, use Facebook and Instagram to learn and nurture their photography skills. 

London, being a centre of diversity and dynamism, is home to rich talent and creative energy. Keeping track of London’s photography talent is a tough task, made easier by the gift of social media. Now you can follow popular photographers to stay on top of changing trends and learn or develop your techniques. 

Finding and following brilliant photographers can breathe new life into the art of photography. Follow our list of young and upcoming photographers, as they can teach you a thing or two about photography, while also engaging your visual senses. 

Whether you’re an emerging photographer, a potential client, or even an ardent fan of the art, these young London photographers have something to offer that you can’t find anywhere else.

Here is our list of top young photographers in London in 2021.


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Amber Pinkerton

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica this London-based photographer’s work is inspired by Caribbean culture. Her photography mainly captures the essence of Jamaican life and offers commentary on its socio-political conditions. 

Offering her views on colourism and classism through street-cast models has helped this British-Jamaican photographer gain popularity for her unconventionally eye-catching photography. Amber Pinkerton has also featured in The New York Times Style Magazine’s list of ’15 Creative Women for Our Time’ for her inspiring and innovative work. 


Senta Simond 

Originally from Geneva, Senta Simond now lives and works in London, creating an ever-growing buzz around her style of photography. Simond’s photography revolves around the sensuality of women and she seems to love capturing her subjects in intimate and private moments. 

Simond’s work doesn’t scream talent, but rather quietly whispers it through the intricate, personal emotions captured in her photographs. Simond’s photography is only proof that the relationship between a photographer and their subject is so much more than the extent of a project; it’s pure, vulnerable and powerfully intimate.


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Francesco Nazardo

Nazardo initially started his career as a photo assistant, but quickly grew to realise his ambition lay in full-time photography. Having worked with career-making companies such as Burberry, Nike, Calvin Klein and many more, Nazardo’s photography career took off rather quickly. 

Nazardo’s style is a force to be reckoned with as he perfectly constructs images with the right balance of intuition and technique. He’s experimental and often tries to create visual intrigue with his imagery. Nazardo believes that perfection lies deep in imperfection and his work tells the same story.


Alexandra Leese

Born in Hong Kong, Alexandra Leese studied fashion photography at the London College of Fashion. Her photography captures the fears, desires and beliefs of the human mind. The artist’s work isn’t exactly what you’d call ‘Gram-worthy’ but rather calm, vulnerable images that portray gender representation in Asian culture. Her work is both emotional and introspective, offering inspiration to aspiring photographers.


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Carlijn Jacobs

Carlijn Jacobs is a visual storyteller using photographs that have featured in the Foam photography museum right next to Helmut Newton’s work. Jacob’s fashion photography has a mysterious element to it as she goes out of her way to create cinematic scenery like none other. Even her models seem more like celestial beings rather than human. 

It’s safe to say that Carlijn Jacobs definitely doesn’t shoot for conventional, making a perfect blend of eccentricity and beauty in the form of photography.


Nicol Vizioli

Nicol Vizioli is an Italian born, London based photographer whose Italian roots have strongly influenced her work. She captures modern beauty with an ancient style and seems to follow a constant theme of cinematic mythology and realism. 

Nicol Vizioli has displayed her photography in numerous national and international exhibitions, including Somerset House for the London World Photography Festival, the Zabludowicz Collection, The XV Biennale de la Mediterranée and Milan, to name a few. 


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Andrea Artemisio

Andrea Artemisio is a young London photographer with a knack for photographic storytelling through stylish imagery. It’s very easy to distinguish his work from the rest, as it portrays a specific tone and attitude. This distinctive style of photography has come to visually inspire thousands of followers on Instagram – and it’s not too late for you to join them.


Tim Hill and James Aubrey Finnigan

The London photography duo – Tim Hill and James Aubrey Finnigan, started working together during their photography assistive careers and then moved on to become fashion photographers for various established publications both in the UK and internationally, including Vogue US and British Vogue. Their commercial clients include Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith, probably due to their unique documentary style of fashion photography.


Lillie Eiger

Lillie Eiger started off her career covering fashion weeks for Dazed and then moved on to shooting tours with The XX and Florence + the Machine. She continues to experiment and find her style through popular subjects like Tame Impala and Harry Styles to capture “confidence and calmness” in them. This young talent hates the idea of sticking to one style and is always trying to discover new ways of filming to stay on top of her game. 


Henry Gorse 

This London photographer’s unique style injects vibrant humour into his work. Gorse’s photography has featured in several publications including Pylot and i-D as a large part of his work lies in fashion. His photography is surreal, pop-inspired, and within creative control to spin the artist’s intended narrative. Gorse’s fashion shoots are both fun and classy, ridding any boredom that lies in the industry. 


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If you’re a novice photographer, yet to discover your style or even a veteran in the industry – you might want to keep your eye on these young, emerging photographers from London for inspiration. 

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