The perfect headshot: Essential tips and tricks for capturing professional and impactful headshot photos How to take the perfect headshot for business


Headshot photos, or corporate headshots as they are commonly known, are necessary for a variety of different reasons in your business. Maybe you want to show your team off on your website, or feel that your team would benefit from a professional headshot for their LinkedIn profile picture. Whatever your reason for pursuing the perfect headshot, you must ensure that they have an air of professionalism.

If you need some guidance maximising the professionalism of your headshots, check out our best headshot tips below. 


How to excel at headshot photography 

Match your headshot photography to your business brand

For professional headshots, you need to ensure that they match your business’ brand. If you want your staff and business to come across as friendly and approachable then the headshot should be taken with warm expressions and open body language. If however, you want to convey an authoritative brand then a more powerful demeanour should be adopted. 


Headshot tips


Know where the photo will be used

Where is this headshot photo going to be used? Is it intended as a new LinkedIn profile picture, or is it going on the ‘Meet the Team’ section of your website? It is important to distinguish this because you might need to alter the headshot lighting set-up or background in order to create sufficient brand consistency. Not every headshot needs to be against a white backdrop – but that doesn’t mean that “anything goes” (see below).

Headshot lighting is key

Make sure that you have a good lighting set up for your headshots before you begin. You should determine whether it will be most beneficial for you to rely on natural lighting or if you would like to implement the three-point lighting system of a primary light source, a fill light, and a backlight. 

Opt for a plain background

The last thing you want is for your headshot image to have a cluttered background with details that will take a viewer’s attention away from your subject. Keep the background of your headshots plain and simple with an empty backdrop such as a plain wall. 

Appearance is important 

Your subject’s outfit and general appearance should also reflect your business. Do your employees wear casual clothes to work or are you more formal in your work attire? Make sure that your subject’s appearance is reflective of your business. 

Good posture

Good posture is not only essential to maintaining a professional photo composition, it also makes your subject appear more sophisticated and professional. Good posture instantly dictates confidence and professionalism. 

Would props add to the set-up?

Props might not add to your headshot and end up making your photo look busy, however, they can equally add considerable personality to it. Examples of headshots that you can incorporate in your headshots include a computer or a desk if your business is heavily office-based.


Headshot photos


Corporate headshot ideas

If you feel ready to start taking your headshots but are stuck for pose inspiration, check out these business headshot poses: 

    • Standard looking straight towards camera
    • Arms folded
    • Stand to the side and look over the shoulder
    • Holding a prop
    • Lean sideways
    • Lean forwards
    • Fake candid


These headshot tips should ensure you can take the best headshot photos in no time. 


Alternatively, are you a bit pushed for time? Caught in the busy flux of the working world? Would you prefer to hire a professional photographer to take your headshot photos?

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