The importance of CGI photography CGI photography for business


CGI is virtual photography where your vision can be brought to life through computer-generated imagery in a hyper-realistic manner. CGI photography is growing in popularity these days as the demand for creative and high-quality images goes up. 


When to use CGI photography

As a business, it’s important to choose between traditional photography and CGI photography as both offer high-impact options but lead to varying results. 

CGI photography can be created by a skilled professional without a camera, a photographer or even the subject of the shoot. So CGI is more commonly used when a business wants to create a lifelike portrayal of the product but with surreal and stunning visual effects.

Traditional photography can be more organic and is often used to simply and physically present visual subjects such as people or food. Photography is more affordable and convenient when the shoot doesn’t require a complex set up or unique elements. 

While there are individual benefits of using either CGI or photography, there are sometimes synergistic benefits to combining the two techniques to give the best output. You can always capture organic subjects and then place them in a virtual environment created by CGI. 


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Benefits of CGI photography

Great for inaccessible product shoots

CGI photography is a great alternative to regular photography as it has the magical ability to work with elements that have no physical existence. So whether your product is still in development or halfway across the globe ready to be shipped, you can still create photographic material with nothing but your imagination – and of course some first-class CGI software. 


Facilitates complex shoots

CGI comes to the rescue when you want to shoot complex scenes with multiple adjustments without having to spend a fortune rearranging the scene.  For example, to photograph the development of houses with different interiors, CGI can make multiple amendments to the image in the most cost-effective way. 


Endless possibilities

The laws of physics do not apply to computer-generated imagery so there’s no need to limit your creativity. CGI can explore different angles and setups that can be dangerous to shoot in real life. So your project can be as unique or as complex as you want it to be. Whether you want your product in the middle of the Pacific or all the way up on Mars, CGI can make it possible. 


High-quality images

The visual quality of CGI photography can match just about any resolution you’re going for. The quality of images produced by CGI can be easily controlled to meet your requirements in contrast to its camera alternative. While a camera gets glorified for 4K resolution photography, CGI can produce a non-existent image with 10K resolution without breaking a sweat. 


Complete control 

Unlike traditional photography, with CGI photography you will never have to wait for the perfect conditions to create your image. You control every aspect of the image, so come rain or shine, your end product will be exactly how you imagine it to be. 


CGI photography isn’t limited to any one industry so if you’re a brand looking for high-quality images and you want to explore the possibilities of image altering, feel free to experiment with a CGI artist. 

You don’t need a venue, models or even the product for a CGI shoot. Just bring your creative A-game and let your imagination do the rest. 

You’ve been wowed by the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and perhaps even heartbroken by the Titanic. So imagine the effect a little bit of CGI can go into impacting your audience and building your brand. 


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