Redesigning the photography industry: Splento on Project Hatch

Roman Grigoriev


Splento founder and CEO, Roman Grigoriev, has shared how he has redesigned the photography industry by founding Splento, sharing how the team’s dedication to customer service has shaped the business’ growth. 

The growth journey of Splento is laid out by the founder, sharing exactly how the investment was raised and customers’ trust gained by delivering outstanding results. 

As Roman said in the interview:

“Any business that wants to sell online can benefit from Splento. It really is that broad, and that has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. On the plus side, worldwide on average only 10% of transactions are completed online. That means that 90% of the world can benefit from our service and gain access to new markets. 

“Our audiences know their own industries inside out and we know ours. When we come together, we can transform the way their own businesses operate, supporting them in a model that increases their revenue. 

“On the downside, the whole world is our oyster! It’s tempting to go in all directions all the time because you can see the opportunities there, and you must be strategic in the way you work.”

Splento’s dedication to ensuring only the very best for our customers extends to our photographers and videographers – that’s what makes such a difference and why Splento has grown exponentially over the last year. 

Project Hatch is a community site with a goal of featuring case studies from entrepreneurs who’ve created successful businesses and non-profits so aspiring founders can learn from them.‍ Most business owners give up within the first year – the ‘Hatch’ year. Their focus is on resources to get entrepreneurs through that first 12 months.

Remember to read the full interview with Roman on Project Hatch here.

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