Picture Perfect: Splento’s Tips for Capturing Stunning Photos at Art Events like the Frieze Art Fair Create the best record of this amazing London event this October


The Frieze Art Fair is a visual extravaganza, a celebration of artistic expression in all its forms. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a novice looking to capture the essence of the fair, Splento is here with expert tips to help you take stunning photos that do justice to the vibrancy and diversity of the artwork on display.

Since 2003, the Frieze Art Fair has been recognised as one of the world’s most influential contemporary art fairs. It keeps its focus only on contemporary art and on living artists.

Taking place each October in Regent’s Park, London, the 2023 Fair has a dynamic programme and a special initiative – Artist-to-Artist – where eight world-renowned artists propose a counterpart for a solo exhibition at the fair. 

Frieze London 2023 runs from October 11th – 15th in Regents Park, London.


1. Understand the Event’s Essence

Before you start clicking away, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the event. Understanding the theme, the artists, and their works will help you capture images that reflect the essence of the fair. Familiarise yourself with the layout, identify key artworks, and plan your shots to ensure a diverse and comprehensive visual narrative.


Contemprary art photography


2. Play with Lighting

Art events like the Frieze Art Fair are a myriad of light and shadows. Utilise the available lighting, both natural and artificial, to accentuate textures, highlight colours, and create dramatic effects. Be mindful of reflections on glass-framed artworks and adjust your angle or use a polarizing filter to mitigate glare.


3. Experiment with Composition

Composition is key in transforming a good photo into a great one. Experiment with different angles, perspectives, and framing to showcase the artworks in unique ways. Use the rule of thirds, leading lines, and symmetry to create visually pleasing and balanced images. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try unconventional compositions to convey the dynamism of the art event.


4. Capture Candid Moments

Art events are not just about the artworks but also about the people who attend them. Capture candid moments of artists explaining their work, visitors immersed in contemplation, and the array of emotions that art evokes. These candid shots add a human touch to your photo series and tell a more holistic story of the event.


5. Respect Art and Artist

While your goal is to capture stunning photos, it’s essential to respect the artworks and the artists. Avoid using flash photography, which can be disruptive and potentially harmful to the art. Always seek permission before photographing artwork, especially when it comes to close-ups that reveal intricate details.


6. Pay Attention to Details

Art is in the details, and so is excellent photography. Pay attention to the intricate details of the artwork – the brush strokes, textures, and nuances that make each piece unique. Focusing on these details can result in captivating images that offer a fresh perspective and a closer look at the artist’s craft.


7. Utilise Depth of Field

Manipulating depth of field can create striking images with a strong focal point. Use a shallow depth of field to isolate the artwork from the background, drawing attention to the piece while creating a beautiful bokeh effect. Alternatively, a deeper depth of field can be used to include the surrounding environment and convey the scale and context of the art event.


8. Include Contextual Elements

While focusing on individual artworks is important, including contextual elements such as the venue, crowd, and other installations can provide a sense of atmosphere and scale. Wide-angle shots of the event space, bustling aisles, and an eclectic mix of displays help convey the vibrancy and diversity of the Frieze Art Fair.


Frieze London 2023


9. Post-Processing with Finesse

Post-processing is an art in itself. Enhance your images with subtle adjustments to exposure, contrast, and colour balance. Cropping can be used to improve composition, while selective sharpening can bring out details. Remember, the goal is to enhance, not overshadow the original beauty of the artworks and the event.



Art events like the Frieze Art Fair are a treasure trove of photographic opportunities. By understanding the essence of the event, experimenting with composition and lighting, and respecting the art and artists, you can capture stunning photos that reflect the richness and diversity of the artistic experience. So, grab your camera and let Splento guide you in creating picture-perfect memories of the art extravaganza!