Key interview questions to hire an event photographer near you How to find the best event photographer for your event


Once you have found an event photographer near you that you feel will be a perfect fit, hiring them on the spot can be tempting. Event photography is a broad and varying discipline with many different demands, so it is important before you do jump in that you ask them suitable event photographer interview questions. For some inspiration on what you should be asking your event photographer before hiring them check out these interesting questions to ask a photographer/ questions to ask a photographer for events below.

Interview Questions To Hire an Event Photographer Near You

Photography technical interview questions before hiring

Do you have the right insurance?  

Your event photographer should have basic liability insurance as a minimum, but it is a good idea to check as a precautionary measure.

Am I able to check your references?

Even if you get good first impressions from the quality and style of the event photographer’s prior work it is still a good idea to ask for references. Checking what the event photographer’s previous clients have to say about their professionalism and how they conduct themselves will give you a thorough understanding of the event photographer and whether their mode of work will be a suitable fit for your event.

What experience do you have in event photography?

You have probably seen the work your event photographer has done taking photos for the specific type of event you are hosting, but it is worthwhile finding out what other work they have done, to see whether they are a specialist in wedding photography or conference photography, for instance.

May I look at your portfolio?

If you have not already seen the event photographer’s portfolio, asking to check it is a good starting point.

Interview Questions To Hire an Event Photographer Near You

What will photography for my event cost?

Event photography prices can vary a great deal dependent on many factors such as the type of event, the venue size, and the length of the event. Therefore, it is a sensible idea to ask the event photographer from the onset how much your event will cost to photograph so that you can budget accordingly.

Will my event be the only job you have that day?

Check whether the event photographer has other bookings that day or whether they have maximum flexibility for your event.

Have you worked at my venue before?

Finding out whether your event photographer has worked at your particular venue before will give you a good idea of their familiarity with the lighting and other technical aspects before your big day.

What photography packages apply to my event?

Many event photographers offer their event photography services in packages so you can choose the option that is most appropriate for your event needs.

As an example, Splento’s event photography package includes expertly retouched photos that you will receive within 24 hours of your event.

How soon after my event can I expect to receive my photos?

As alluded to above, you should ask your event photographer about the turnaround time of your photos before the event goes ahead. If you know how soon after your event you are expected to receive your images then you can plan your social media posts using the images accordingly.


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