How To Bring Old Photos To Life In Video Add life to your old pictures and create videos using them.


Nostalgia is the only friend that stays with you forever. As social animals, no matter how much we progress, we have a heart that lives in memories. Someone said this aptly, “Some memories will hurt you as hell, and some memories will haunt you as well.” Well, we live in a digital world now. We can capture tons of pictures and connect with anyone we want through a Video call in no time. We practically live in a Global village. Creating memories now is easier than it ever was. Even if we talk about the situation two decades back, not everyone had access to photography devices. That was an era of photo albums. For decades earlier than that, there was hardly a camera in each household. Capturing and recreating memories of events even earlier than that is difficult since photography wasn’t even minutely prominent then. 

But what if we tell you that you can bring your old photos to life in videos? We know live pictures are normal today. But think of an era where smartphones were not available to everyone and capturing photographs was rare. As they say, nostalgia hits everyone hard, and while some of us can revisit those past memories through photographs, not everyone has their luxury. What if you can gift this luxury to your loved ones who miss their loved ones but hardly have a picture of them? We are talking about recreating old pictures of your parents, their parents, their loved ones, and their memories in a simple way. With advanced editing tools in the market, you can recreate those old pictures and add life to them. Making videos from images is extremely simple and through this blog, we will teach you an easy way to bring old pictures to life. Trust us, every effort is worthy and you will see that when you see a gleaming smile on the face of your loved ones. 

Here’s how you add pictures to life with editing tools.

  • Gather old pictures

Firstly, gather all the old pictures you would love to recreate. Now, understand that some pictures are beyond repairable. And in some cases, you might require expert help to fix those old photographs. Sort them into categories based on their quality. If the picture you want to recreate is badly damaged, get it fixed with expert help. You must understand that the quality of the picture will directly affect the video quality you generate. So pick the best ones. Now start getting them digital. To do so, click the image with a high-quality camera or phone device in good lighting. Click the picture from various angles and lighting to get the best shot. Transfer everything on PC or Laptop. Recreating such pictures could be a bit difficult, hence you need tools and a working space that’s convenient. 

Another best option is to get these old photographs scanned before you start working on them. You can scan the images on phone itself with scanning apps. Scanning would make the editing process considerably easier for you.

  • Get creative

Different apps and different editing tools allow you varying accessibility features with which you can bring old pictures to life. You can get creative and create GIFs from an old image. If not, you can also add motion to the pictures. You can add a nod, smile, blink, and tilts to many images and add life to them. These features are very creative and take minimal effort. We will advise you to create a mix of gifs, motion pictures, and static clear images and make video with pictures. Doing so will give you wide opportunities to make a versatile video. 

If you want to bring only one image to life, download the file, and you will get a full-of-life picture to use. But if you wish to create a video with multiple pictures and video clips, you need to work a lot in bringing all these together. 

  • Weave a story

Every video element needs a story angle. So weave a story around the images and video clips you have gathered. Arrange them in a template of your choice. Pick a template that resonates with the theme you are trying to establish. A template is perhaps the most important part of a video and sets the tone right. Ensure that you upload the highest quality images and video clips in the editing tool. Add animations to the video. Animations create an exciting effect, and with it, your video is sure to exude creativity. Now, add transitions to the video. Make sure that you add video clips in between images. An amalgamation of images and motion clips will create a more enticing and attractive video. Once it’s roughly together, check whether the video conveys the story you wish to tell. The story doesn’t need to be poetic. Just anything that flows in an understandable movement is acceptable.

  • Pick a soundtrack

What is a video without a sound? Unless your video is profound in itself, music is always required. Music creates an environment and lifts the video by a hundred times. It’s a task to find the perfect music score for your video. From a soothing soundtrack to a quick drop beat to songs with lyrics that perfectly resonate with your video, the choices are simply abundant. It’s the song that makes or breaks the video in most cases. So spend a good deal of time finalizing your soundscore. Get inspiration from social media and your favorite artists. You can easily download music from most of the editing and video-making tools. Download and add to the video. Ensure that the song does not hold copyrights. You might get in trouble otherwise. 

  • Editing

The final and crucial step in any video-making process is editing. While making videos from images, you need to ensure a smooth flow. So the old images that you have recreated need to transition smoothly. Time frame the video flow and music together. Adjust the flow of the video to fast-paced and slow-paced to create a dramatic effect. Create pauses in the right places to increase intensity. Add texts at required places and animated effects to create drama. As mentioned earlier, different tools allow different accessibility features. So experiment with the editing features available to you. And ensure that the video is short, sweet, and perfectly timed. 

  • Download and share

This is perhaps the time you have most waited for. The moment to surprise your loved ones is here. We are sure you must be excited to check their reactions. So download the file in its highest quality form and surprise them. 

It might seem like a regular video to you. But we are sure you will see faces brimming with tears and joy as you present someone with this wonderful surprise. In the era of live pictures, we can actually enjoy and cherish little moments. But by recreating the old photos into videos, you are igniting a nostalgia beyond the power of words to explain. So stop waiting. It’s time to surprise your parents or loved ones with something they will cherish for a lifetime. Bring your old photos to life in a video and buckle up your creativity shoes.

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