HC Dynamo Minsk and Splento team up to win award nomination How one ice hockey team + one innovative photo business brings joy to thousands


HC Dynamo Minsk ice hockey team were recently nominated for an award in MARSPO – the largest sports conference in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) area.

In partnership with Splento, they have been providing their loyal fans with a unique, personalised experience for each one who attends a match. As a result, they were nominated for the award for the Best Fan Interaction.


Fans are an important element of any sports team – they are the energy that drives each victory and the support in each loss.

Dynamo Minsk knows that their fans are just as much a part of the team as their players – and they proved it by pioneering this incredible fan service using Splento crowd photographs together with Splento’s amazing face-recognition technology.

Ice hockey fans

How it works

Within hours of each match, Splento uploads a full gallery of all the crowd photographs taken, to the hockey team’s website.

These fan photos are taken, retouched, and uploaded within 24 hours, although Splento can also achieve this task live, during the event, if needed.

The gallery is powered by Splento’s bespoke facial recognition system that allows any fan to then upload a photo of themselves (even a selfie). The system automatically creates a unique, individual gallery of every photograph where that person appears.

The fan is instantly emailed a link to their personal, online gallery from which they can download all their photos. The system is adapted to work smoothly across all devices, including mobiles.

This all happens within minutes and the result is a branded – personalised – experience that the fans love and can’t get enough of.

Fans in a crowd

The success of the Splento system is reflected by the numbers.

Over 17 matches, Splento has created multiple galleries for the popular ice hockey team, hosting around 10,000 photos.

Up to 42% of Dynamo’s gallery visitors have taken advantage of the face-recognition system since this partnership began.

The result is a collection of thousands of photos of engaged fans from each hockey match.

Splento provides full support with this system, with full analytics data. This includes the collection of the fan email data with each personal gallery created.

Crowd at ice hockey match

The outcome speaks for itself – everyone is a winner and all are fans of Splento’s services!

For more information about how this ground-breaking technology could work with your business, contact Splento today, or visit splento.com for further details.

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