Dress for success: Choosing the right wardrobe and accessories to make your headshot photos shine Top tips for the perfect headshot outfit


When planning for headshot photos to be taken, it is essential to consider your potential outfits and appearance so that you can maximise the professionalism of your photos.

Of course, there is no one way to dress for a headshot photo, neither are there any specific headshot clothes, but there are certainly appearance choices you can make to ensure you are dressing for success.


Clothes for headshots


Wardrobe style for headshot photo tips

Collecting a professional wardrobe for business headshots can be a lengthy process, and there are many aspects of an outfit that you must consider when deciding what to wear for a corporate headshot shoot. Here are our tips for dressing for success in your headshot shoot:

Avoid super casual 

When you dress for a headshot, avoid dressing too much on the casual side. Even if you work in a profession that has a relaxed dress code and you would normally dress casually in your day-to-day work life, you will exude a higher level of professionalism if there is some formality to your appearance. 

Introducing some formality can have the effect of making you feel more professional. This added level of confidence in will shine through in your headshot shoot. 

The level of formality that you opt for will still be dependent on the industry you work in, but a few solid ideas include suits, waistcoats, and formal dresses. 

Basic jewellery

When it comes to accessorising for headshots, it is best to keep the statement jewellery to a minimum. Professional headshots should highlight your natural features, and any heavy statement jewellery can detract from this. 

Simple jewellery, however, can be a nice touch of personality for your headshot photos. In fact, a simple necklace, rings, earrings, and a watch can be a beautiful addition to your headshot accessories. With accessories, it is important to maintain a level of balance and match your pieces to your outfits. For example, Diamondere’s elegant emerald rings collection would look great with any blouse or shirt that’s brown, gray, yellow, blue, or pink.


Headshot clothes


Tailored clothing

If there was a universal dress code for headshots it would be the recommendation to opt for tailored clothing. There is a common understanding that close-fitting clothing looks more professional and cleaner cut than the baggier alternatives. For example, opt for a blazer that has a tighter fit around the shoulders and arms. 

Try a variety of options

Dressing for your headshot does not have to mean deciding on one outfit and that being final. Many headshot photographers ask their clients to bring a selection of outfits to their photoshoots so that there are several options to work with. It can also mean that you can have an array of headshots taken that present different looks and therefore work for different occasions. 

Trying a variety of options is particularly relevant in certain professions with a distinct uniform such as in healthcare. Headshots can then be taken both with the uniform and with other attire.


Now that you have nailed your headshot clothes and understood how to dress for success, you need to find the perfect headshot photographer to capture your professionalism. It does not matter how smart you look or how tailored your blazer looks if the headshot photo is poor quality.

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