Celebrating sustainability: Environmentally friendly practices on display at the Chelsea Flower Show Going green: Sustainable gardening at the Chelsea Flower Show


The Chelsea Flower Show has long been a showcase for the best and brightest in horticulture, and in recent years, the focus on sustainable gardening practices has only grown. In this article, we will explore some of the highlights of the environmentally friendly exhibits at the Chelsea Flower Show, from green practices to eco-friendly gardens.

One of the most prominent trends at the Chelsea Flower Show is the increasing number of eco-friendly gardens on display. These gardens incorporate a variety of sustainable techniques and green practices, such as using native plants, reducing water consumption, and incorporating recycled materials.


Chelsea Flower Show sustainability


Sustainable gardening at the Chelsea Flower Show

In a drive towards being more environmentally friendly, the Chelsea Flower Show has become a platform for promoting sustainable gardening practices, and many designers are showcasing innovative green practices, such as:

    1. Planting for Pollinators: Gardens designed to attract and support bees, butterflies, and other pollinators are more important than ever, as their populations face increasing threats of extinction.
    2. Drought-Tolerant Plant Selection: Choosing plants that require less water helps to conserve this precious resource, especially in the face of climate change.
    3. Sustainable Materials: Many gardens at the show feature recycled materials and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional landscaping elements.


Eco-educating the next generation

The Chelsea Flower Show’s sustainability focus is a great introduction to eco-friendly gardening for children. It is a perfect event to bring the younger generation along to, so they can gain an early interest in environmental issues at the same time as having a fun day out. With so much to see at Chelsea, there really is something for everyone.

Some of the most memorable gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show are those that combine stunning design with sustainable practices. A few examples include:

    1. The Green Switch Garden: This garden emphasised the importance of sustainability by featuring a living wall, solar panels, and an electric vehicle charging station.
    2. The Resilience Garden: This exhibit showcased the power of biodiversity by featuring a wide range of plant species that are resilient to climate change and other environmental challenges.
    3. The Climate Change Garden: This thought-provoking exhibit explored the effects of climate change on our planet through a mix of drought-tolerant plants and innovative water management techniques.


The Chelsea Flower Show recognises the achievements of environmentally friendly gardens and their designers through the giving of numerous awards, including the coveted RHS Environment Award, which is presented to the garden that best demonstrates sustainable practices.


Green practices Chelsea Flower Sh


Don’t miss the eco-friendly gardens at Chelsea!

When visiting the Chelsea Flower Show, be sure to:

    1. Plan ahead: With so much to see, it’s essential to plan your visit to ensure you have enough time to explore all the wonderful sustainable exhibits.
    2. Bring a reusable water bottle: On a hot day, it is important to stay hydrated. A reusable water bottle can be refilled at the show which reduces plastic waste.
    3. Use public transport: Reduce your carbon footprint by taking public transport to and from the show. The Chelsea Flower Show is a short 10 mins walk from Sloane Square Underground. It is also well-serviced by London bus routes.


The Chelsea Flower Show offers a unique opportunity to celebrate sustainability and learn about many green practices that can help protect our environment. By showcasing the latest trends in eco-friendly gardens, the event serves as an inspiration for gardeners and enthusiasts alike.

As you explore the stunning exhibits, be sure to capture the experience with Splento’s professional photography and videography services.

With today’s increased awareness of the importance of sustainable gardening, we can all contribute to a greener and more vibrant future for our planet.


Sustainable gardening Chelsea Flower Show

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