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As consumers are becoming increasingly lazy, there are still a number of on-demand services for markets and regional opportunities to capitalise on in 2016.

Whatever your view on on-demand services hype, this is where the tech world is going at the moment. Just like Uber and Airbn, Splento made themselves known in the world of the on-demand photography. Making them a part of the whole generation of news start-ups and guess what, there is nothing stopping them now. This kind of start up is too addictive and way too lucrative to do very little about it.

Just like Airbnb, Bizzby, Uber and Styleseat and Soothe – you name it, a whole wave of start-ups are vying for a share of the large, and potentially lucrative mobile services market – and while taxi apps and holiday rentals may be overdone, there are a whole range of other sectors – and regions – to potentially disrupt.

From beauty to domestic services– there’s still a fantastic opportunity (not for the fainthearted) for online platforms and apps to capitalise on this popular (and still growing) trend, with it’s sole purpose to do a face-lift to previously laborious tasks into instant, low-cost solutions.

CEO and Founder of Splento, Roman Grigoriev believes this is not just a trend, it’s where the whole world is heading. He agrees that competition is growing and there are plenty of interesting start-ups trying to find a place under the sun and make money. Cisco predicted a rapid growth of smartphone users by 2018, with a staggering number reaching 2.7 billion and the research commissioned by Google revealed the smartphone application business is forecasted to be worth over £30bn to the UK economy by 2025. So buckle up people, on-demand services are here to stay and you better familiarise with them now.

But enough about tech market, let’s talk about Splento.

Splento is an exciting new photography company based in London. They provide high quality professional photography on demand for only £49 per hour.

Their photographers are on hand to cover all type of work: launch party photography, summit and conference photography, trade show and exhibition photography, seminars and breakfast meetings, award ceremonies and gala dinners photography, festivals, sports, fashion shoots, look book or social media imagery; promotional work; bands & gigs; or for any individual. This is not a full list! They also offer great rates to all types of event organisers. Roman is claiming that by using Splento services you will save time and effort; and you receive a service with professionalism, quality and affordability.

Amongst professional photographers, Splento also has a team of professional photo editors, who are ready to retouch your photos. We are not talking about airbrushing, but professional enhancement of images. Photographers and retouchers are working hand in hand, each concentrating on what they are doing best. This means you get the best possible quality, at the most affordable price in London and in a very short time period (images are ready for you to view within 48 hours, guaranteed).

Roman is expecting to expand and move his idea forward fast, as winners are decided by how quickly they can move from what they are now to what they need to become. However, it not just about the speed of progress, you have to have the right team to help you do it. Splento are comfortable that they have got what it takes and ready to pioneer their business.

What’s more, Splento’s client base is growing steadily and photographers are getting very interested to be a Splento Photographer. Roman said that they are getting quite excited, as opportunities for expansion are there, however they are also keeping their focus on providing quality service over quantity.

Contact Splento if you are in need of:

Event Photography and Videography

Professional Headshots

eCommerce Photography and Videography

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