A Small City with a Big Personality: What are the Most Instagrammable Places in Amsterdam The best places to photograph in Amsterdam


Amsterdam certainly has a certain reputation. But let’s put aside stereotypes about red lights and cupcakes with “special” additives. Let’s think about where to take photos in Amsterdam, in a non-trivial way.

Various excursions in Amsterdam will help you to find the most “Instagrammable” places in the capital of the Netherlands. Picturesque canals, spacious green areas, attractive narrow houses, tasty and photogenic food – all these things should be captured in a photo, and it doesn’t matter whether you are keeping your own travel blog or just collecting material for a fabulous photo album. Here is the list of the most appealing things to see in Amsterdam.


Photogenic Amsterdam


Floating Flower Market Bloemenmarkt

The floating flower market Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam was and still remains a symbol of the Dutch tulip mania, which led the country to the collapse of the economy in 1637. After 1862, the market moved to the Singel Canal and received its official name, which it is still called to this day.

Today, the floating flower market in Amsterdam is more like an ordinary gardener’s market. Every year the number of traders at the Bloemenmarkt grows, tourists come here for seedlings, and the market’s assortment is constantly growing. But now, in the era of social media, thousands of tourists come here to take vivid, Instagrammable photos and videos.


The Nine Streets

The Nine Streets district is a pretty neighbourhood in the centre of Amsterdam that is crossed by three major canals. The Nine Streets neighbourhood is most often thought of when it comes to shopping. It is the quarter where you can find stores of little-known Dutch brands, vintage stores, galleries and cafes, located in houses with 400 years of history. 

If you like beautiful old places, you will be happy to walk around these cosy quarters and take a lot of great photos for Instagram. The neighborhood looks really charming with evening illumination reflecting in the water during a walk along the canals.



Vondelpark has an elongated lanceolate shape and runs from northeast to southwest. The appearance of the place is an amazing blend of history and modern technology. Several freestanding ponds have been transformed into one long, meandering, narrow lake in modern times. This is a place, where you can take wonderful photos at any time of the year. The sloping banks, lawns and vegetation have been stylised as much as possible to match the natural antiquity.


Canal views

One of the hallmarks of the city is the endless canals. There are canals for every taste: bridges of incredible beauty, narrow and quiet canals hidden in the most unexpected places in the city, or wide and crowded canals with pedestrians, cars and cyclists. You can take a picture, both standing nearby or sailing in a boat along the canal. Either will be spectacular. 


Hortus Botanicus

The Hortus Botanicus is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. Although it doesn’t boast huge grounds, this garden has a rich collection of plants from all over the world, beautiful walkways and greenhouses that have found their place in the heart of Amsterdam. There is a great cafe on the terrace of one of the greenhouses; here you can have a delicious lunch and take beautiful photos in a real paradise on earth, with beautiful scenery.



Jordaan is one of the oldest and most picturesque neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. With its unique atmosphere, it invites you to long romantic walks along the medieval green streets, the famous secret courtyards and the canal embankments that weave a spider’s web around the area. Walking through the charming streets of Jordaan, you won’t be able to resist taking beautiful pictures.


Red Light District Amsterdam

The Red Light District is probably one of the most widely known sights in Amsterdam. It’s a sin not to stop by and see all the sins of the free capital of Holland and its inhabitants! Of course, this quarter becomes most colourful in the evening, when the red lanterns are lighting up. The inviting signboards of erotic shows and red lights reflecting off the canal look truly amazing! It is a must to take a picture there and surprise your subscribers. However, you should always observe one rule – never take pictures of the girls in the booths.


Van Gogh Museum

Even those who are not familiar with post-impressionism should visit the most popular museum in Amsterdam – the Van Gogh Museum. This is one of the largest exhibitions where you can find some of his greatest works. There are about 200 paintings by this master, 500 drawings and even more written documents. But the most important thing is not quantity, but quality. The unique modern architecture of this museum allows visitors to take very beautiful photos.

Instagrammable Amsterdam

Amsterdam is considered one of the top tourist destinations in Europe for a reason. It combines both the beauty of the old town with traditional Dutch architecture, canals, tulips and bicycles, with a modern, vibrant city that comes alive after dark.


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