5 Ways to Improve Your Long-Form eCommerce Content with Photos


Long-form content is valuable in terms of online visibility, social sharing, building credibility, and driving traffic to your eCommerce store.  

Research has proved that those 2,000+ word posts are more informative, engaging, and overall, more effective. But you can’t just rely on the number of words to retain the visitors on the website. You need to make the content interesting and enjoyable. That’s when photos step in. 

Photos can make your content stand out it. Not to mention that the content will be more likely to resonate with the audience. So, are you ready to add some pics to your long-form posts? If the answer is yes, here are the ways to do it.

1. Increase Content’s Value with Authentic Photos

Show your website visitors that your dedication is at the highest level by featuring original photos in your content. 

Anyone can add royalty-free images to their long-form posts. However, not many business owners would dedicate their time and money to take authentic photos that will grace their content.

The general rule is that you have to put some extra effort if you want to reap the rewards. That extra effort can come in the form of authentic photos.

For example, if you are a fishing gear store and you write informative blog posts about fishing, try to go the extra mile and feature in your blog posts some original snaps. You might be writing about the best local spots for fishing, so go ahead and photograph those places instead of taking the images from the web.

Why can this be useful? Aside from providing the reader with a unique experience, you can also adapt the photos to your brand. Your visual assets can match your brand style as you will create the photographs. 

Take a look FentyBeuty website and how their photos perfectly match the style of their website.

Image Source

Make photos that will perfectly blend with the content and follow your aesthetic. People love visually-pleasing content, and matching your photos to your brand’s colors will earn you some extra points.

2. Build Your Credibility with High-Quality Photos

Professionally looking posts are more likely to keep the reader on your website. Moreover, they are more likely to motivate the reader to keep browsing your online store after they are finished reading the content. 

If you want to convince the readers that your eCommerce store is worthy of their trust, you need high-quality photos. Don’t allow the photos to hurt your brand image

To make this point more solid, we should provide you with an example. Take a look at the following two product images:

Image Source

Would you trust a company that uses low-quality images such as the first photo? I bet you wouldn’t.

How can a customer trust you with their credit card information if you can’t even post a decent photo in your content?

Having high-quality photos in your long-form content can display your commitment to your business. Not only will the photos make the content more fun to read, but it will also make your company more credible in the eyes of consumers. 

3. Add Product Photos

Many brands have a self-hosted blog for publishing advertorials. If you aren’t familiar with advertorials, they are a content form that informs the reader about a product but not in a salesy way. 

The Meleinfit advertorial is a great example of effective advertorial, so feel free to check it out. What you’ll notice in their post is that they featured several images of the product that enhance their content writing and make the product more attractive.

Image Source

Whether you’ll dedicate a whole post to your product or you’ll make a quick mention, you should present your products in the best light. That’s why you need high-quality product photos. 

If you want to feature high-quality product photos, you should work with professional photography services like Splento. This will ensure that your photos are unique and that they will bring real value to your eCommerce content. 

4. Showcase Tutorials through Photos

Tutorial content is one of the most popular content forms. They are informative, and they help the users grasp the use of a certain product or service.

However, all text-tutorials can be overwhelming and confusing. Your content writing can be as comprehensive as possible, but people simply tend to learn easier when there are images involved. 

Your tutorial, how-to posts, and guides can be much more useful and understandable if you add follow up images.

For each step you explain, you should add a corresponding image that provides a visual explanation.

Some of the most popular blogs apply this technique. Take HubSpot’s post, for example:

Image Source

You can learn something from these successful content creators, and in this case, it is how you can increase the efficiency of your long-form tutorial content.

Telling someone what to do can be helpful, but showing them will ensure that you did your best to help them grasp what you are saying.  

5. Present Customer Testimonials through Photos

Using WordPress plugins and other tools to add social media posts to your website can be a good source of social proof. However, combining long-form content and customer testimonials can be much more powerful. 

Think about it. Everyone does that here-are-our-Instagram-customer-generated-content thing on their website. As great as this is, why not do something different?

Share your customer stories in long-form content. Let your website visitors hear the true experiences of satisfied customers. 

Team up with a blogger or influencer who will review your product through an elaborate blog post. Make that post more attractive with great photos. Lastly, feature that post on your website.

Another option is to write a long-form content in the shape of a case study or customer success story. Again, you’ll need some attention-grabbing photos if you want those posts to be interesting for the readers.

Presenting photos alongside customer testimonials will make those reviews more realistic. Readers’ belief in those testimonials will be stronger if you provide pictures as proof.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest mistakes of content creators is underestimating the importance of visuals. Don’t fall into that group of people. Make sure that your long-form content will be able to retain the readers’ attention by featuring photos.

The above-mention tips can be a good start to give you some idea of how to incorporate images into the content. However, it is up to you to craft content that will be unique, engaging, and enhanced with great imagery.

Dorian Martin is a content writing specialist and editor. He studied computer science and continued to develop his knowledge in the fields of content writing, AI, blockchain, design, and digital marketing. Currently, Dorian works as a senior writer at a college paper writing service and educational expert at digital marketing conferences. He loves providing students with cheap dissertation writing services and helping them reach a higher educational level. Along with all of that, Dorian runs his personal blog.


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