5 Photography Sessions to Book this Summer


Summer is here! Whilst you’re out catching rays of sunshine, we’re sure you’ll be making plenty of memories. Here are our top 5 types of photography sessions to book this summer:

  1. Summer Parties
Photo by Splento.

With work slowing down and the [mostly] better weather, summer is the time to P-A-R-T-Y! From gatherings with friends to large corporate team events, this is the time when everyone loves to get outdoors and let their hair down. Whether it’s a birthday party or team building event, you’ll need someone there to capture the memories. Hiring a professional ensures that everyone gets a chance in front of the camera – no more missing people because they’ve spent the entire event ‘behind the camera’!

  1. Family Photoshoots
Photo by Splento.

Summer is the perfect time for a family get together. Whether its a BBQ on a balmy summer evening or a trip to the beach, memories are made! Why not try to be creative with your photos – go beyond the standard “say cheese” photos. Booking a family photoshoot with a professional photographer can help you capture amazing photos that bring out the personalities in the family! Want videos instead? Then a professional videographer can help you create a truly memorable snapshot or film of your gang.

  1. London Photo Walk Experience
Photo by Splento.

Whether it’s your first time visiting London or you’re sightseeing with a group, why not consider hiring a photographer or videographer to capture your time in the ‘big smoke’ whilst visiting some of London’s top tourist spots including Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Houses of Parliament and many more. Find out more about Splento’s London Photo Walk Experience here!

  1. Headshots
Photo by Splento.

Summer is a great time to refresh your headshots [we’re talking more than the average selfie here!]. Think you look better with that summer glow? From professional corporate headshots for a website to a video introduction for a dating site, hiring a photography professional will help capture your best side or show your personality.

  1. Corporate Shoots
Photo by Splento.

From conferences to product launches and food, plenty of people hire professional photographers over the summer for corporate photoshoots. Summertime allows for some creative sessions – make the most of the summer and book a photoshoot now. 

Whatever you’re doing this summer – Splento can provide you with the perfect professional photographer or videographer for a truly memorable session. For more information and to book a shoot click here.

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