13 of London’s Scariest Events this Autumn


Looking for the perfect Halloween event to attend this year? London has plenty of spooky things going on during the most frightful month of the year. Frightfully fantastic parties, haunted houses, ghost walks and lots more. To help you out, we’ve collected only the best Halloween activities and put them in a list for you (you can thank us later). So put on your vampire’s fangs and get ready for the Halloween ride!

13 Scariest Events in London This Halloween
Photos by Splento

1. London Month of the Dead
The London Month of the Dead is coming, which means that you have the unique opportunity to join a very mortal workshop, talk or tour, including visits to London’s most famous cemeteries. But hurry up, tickets are almost sold out!

2. Dusk ’til Dawn Sleepover at Hampton Court Palace
“By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes!” It’s time for witch-hunts under the rule of King James is returning to London this October. Travel back in time to 17th-century England, to explore the Hampton Court Palace by night and learn about this frightening time in European history

3. Crime Scene Live
A priceless stone has been stolen from the Natural History Museum! Are you smart enough to solve the mystery? The investigation is real; you have to gather the evidence, analyse the facts and carry out experiments to bring justice back to the museum.

4. Art Macabre Evening of Life DrawingYour inner artist is trying to come out of the closet. Bend your knees and surrender to the world of art at an evening of life drawing this Halloween, at the Tower of London. Learn to paint dramatic costumed figures in the truly Medieval Palace.

5. Spooky Newburgh Quarter
Carnaby Street is a scary place on a Saturday night as it is, but this Halloween, the spooky-meter is about to get crazy! Ghostly installations in the Newburgh Quarter, Halloween workshops for the freaky florist, tarot reading for those who believe in destiny and free potions in the pop-up Curiosity Shop. Your Halloween plans just got real.

6. Discover Dark Arts in London
This Halloween, London’s witches, wizards and muggles will be under the same roof for a Harry Potter lover’s ideal event.  Head to the iconic Great Hall, situated at Warner Bros. Studio to find out the secrets of Dark Arts. Take all your courage with you, as you will meet some dreadful Death Eaters, and your stretch-waist trousers, so you can tuck into a Hogwarts-inspired feast!

13 Scariest Events in London This Halloween
Photo by Daniel Morales/Splento

7. Scary sleepover at the Museum of London
Sneak through the dark alleyways of London to find yourself in the Museum of London, where a Halloween spectacular awaits. Listen to some terrifying tales from 19th century London and trick-or-treat your way through the museum’s remarkable artefacts.

8. Costume competition at Eltham Palace
For this event, your checklist should look something like this; fake blood, fangs, goblin’s ears and any makeup supplies you can find and take part in the Halloween costume competition at Eltham Palace! Pumpkin carving and spooky arts-and-crafts included.

9. Halloween in the SkyNighttime London is full of dark secrets and you have to be high above the ground to discover them. So don your dress-up and spend Halloween in the Sky Garden because this spooktacular party will be full of surprises! And don’t be shy to go all-out on your costume, as you might end up winning the Sky Garden’s ‘Best Dressed’ award!

10. The Mansion Halloween Ball
Will you dare to meet the vampires, ghosts and wizards and witches at one big party? The Mansion Halloween Ball will be organized in the best traditions – fortune tellers, spooky DJ’s, live performers and a lot of other entertainments. Book now, the tickets are almost over.

11. Jack the Ripper Ghost Walks
Feel the creeps as you follow the famous murderer’s footsteps on the Jack the Ripper Ghost Walk. Please read the T’s&C’s carefully and keep away from the shadows, for you are about to enter the scariest night of your life!

12. Tower Twilight Tour
One of the most famous landmarks in London is opening its doors to reveal the spookiest corners of the building, but only after dark. Brace yourself as you embark on this Twilight Tour of the Tower of London.
13. Haunted Happenings
If you didn’t witness a ghost haunting, did you even do Halloween properly? If you’re into Ouiji boards, paranormal activities and getting scared to the bone, you must book yourself onto ghost hunt this Halloween with Haunted Happenings. Try not to scream in front of your mates.

13 Scariest Events in London This Halloween
Photo by Daniel Morales/Splento

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