10 great tips to have the best graduation photo shooting Graduation photo ideas 2021


Graduation photo shooting is not only a great way to preserve the memories of graduation, but also the perfect way to celebrate your graduation and time at university as a whole.

Every student has the dream of graduating – and getting some amazing photos to boot. While it is very exciting, the prospect of coming up with graduation picture poses can be a challenge.

To help you come up with some college graduation photo ideas we have compiled a list of our 10 best graduation photo tips to help you create graduation photos that you really love, complete with graduation picture pose ideas.

1. Wake up early

If you’re prepared to wake up and early and get to campus at 6AM you can still take advantage of the beautiful golden hour light. Optimal light for photography is during sunrises and sunsets as the golden light is warm and flattering. Also, by taking the opportunity to get up early, you know that there will be fewer people around to disturb you.

2021 graduation photos


2. Show off your outfit

One of the biggest components of a graduation photoshoot is the graduation gown, as it is the main hallmark of the occasion. As universities have their own personalised academic gowns, it is also a signifier of the university you attended. Therefore, it is a good idea to get at least one close-up portrait of you in the gown to show it off.

3. Add movement to your photos

While you should take a number of still photos, you can make a photo more exciting by introducing some movement. Try out photos where you are laughing, walking, throwing your cap in the air, or even jumping, and create some happy, dynamic photos.

4. Classic solo portrait

This is one of our best graduation photo ideas for guys and girls. While you will be having plenty of fun at your graduation photoshoot and posing with family and friends, make sure you get one classic portrait of yourself. This is your day, after all, so you deserve a photo of just you! A timeless portrait is perfect for many uses from being hung in the home to being used as a profile picture online.

5. Show your family’s emotions

When it comes to graduation photo ideas with family, being authentic is the best way to get a great family portrait. This is not only an emotional experience for you but for your parents too, who have likely supported you throughout your academic journey. Be authentic and don’t be afraid to show affection and hug on camera, and allow your parents to demonstrate their pride for you. 

6. Take advantage of your campus

Universities are full of beautiful settings for your photo-ops. There will be many features on campus that will elevate your portraits, such as porticos, arches, courtyards, quads, gardens, ponds, and libraries. There are also features such as statues, clock towers and mascots on campus which are iconic spots to take photos in, as they will represent great memories of your university.

7. Pose with friends

Of course, you will want to get a few photos with your friends. One great pose idea is facing the university building with your backs to the camera, and your arms around each other. This pose is emotive as it shows your graduation attire, and all of you facing the place that has been your home, for one last time, before you embark on your next great adventure together.

8. Tell a story

Telling a story with your photos can make the photos even better to look back on. Showing a narrative of your time at university brings more meaning to not only the end product but to the photography experience. Standing outside your halls of residence, the sports ground where you used to play, or standing outside the library with your friends where you used to pull all-nighters will make the experience so much more fun and emotional. 

9. Show the excitement of the day

This can be an emotional photoshoot as your time at university comes to an end, and you say goodbye to it all, but it’s also incredibly exciting! Don’t get so sad that you forget to celebrate your amazing achievement. Some props that you can use to express your excitement are balloons and confetti. 

Photos ideas for graduation 2021


10.Have fun

While you should get some formal photos, it’s also great to have fun and let your personality shine through. Most likely, you’re going to want to share some informal pictures on social media. If you want to be silly and throw a peace sign up, we’re not judging! Have fun, and celebrate your graduation in style.


11. Bonus tip!

The cost of official graduation photos can be incredibly high; the cost of hiring a private photographer for an hour or two can often be similar.

By banding together with a few of your closest friends and hiring a photographer for two or even three hours, you can all get some of the most amazing shots we have listed above – all for the price of one ‘official’ photo on the day, or even less!

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