What is Event Videography and Why You Need It 


With the dawn of the digital era it’s nearly impossible to host an event without leaving a digital footprint, and if you’re going to leave a footprint, you might as well make a mark. Event videography is the art of capturing significant events and other moments of celebration with loved ones, in order to relive these moments in the future.

And let’s just say, unless the future holds a time machine- you’re going to want these memories in video format. Highlighting your events can have great implications on both a professional as well as personal level.

Whether the event is as big as an annual corporate party or as small as your pet raccoon’s half birthday (we’re not here to judge), event videography is the way to go. Think of it as paying for a few hours’ worth of video to cherish your special day forever – no matter how hard the senility kicks in later in life.

Here are five reasons to hire a professional videographer for your next event:


    1.   Digital Time Capsule: When the weeks of planning an event culminates into one magnificent evening, it’s easy for time to slip away, and before you know it your life lacks purpose again. Well, we may be exaggerating a bit, but it definitely does bring up a tinge of sadness. That’s when you pop on to your computer and digitally re-live the event with both sound and motion, perhaps seeing more detail than you originally experienced. 
    2.   Shareable: The beauty of event videography is the ability to share the video with the rest of the world. Sometimes venues with small capacity or locations that aren’t easily accessible, can cross a few names off the guestlist making it impossible for them to attend. By sharing the event video via social media or email, everyone can be a part of it, almost like they never missed out (no matter how hard they tried). 
    3.   Added Value: Sometimes video can go one step further and add more value than your own eyes ever could. A word with your event videographer can ensure the highest quality video, delivered with skillful cinematography and fine editing. This way you don’t have to make everyone sit through the four-hour reel, but rather showcase a 3-minute video of the highlights. Cue soulful background music that moves everyone to tears.
    4.   Promotional Visual Content: Whether you’re a local business just starting out or a multinational conglomerate, it is very important to document your events, big or small. This can be used to promote future events, share industry insights, or simply create a brand image of what your company stands for. This content can be easily shared with other stakeholders of the company to get them involved as well. Whatever the purpose, an undocumented corporate event speaks volumes of the company itself.
    5.   Positive Brand Image: Video proof of your event can help create an online image of your brand that displays it at its most genuine form. A professionally shot video creates a more professional view of the brand as opposed to a poor quality video shot off someone’s iPhone 5 (yes, they still exist). When events are planned to a T, that’s probably the best your brand is going to look for a very long time. Why not use this to create a picturesque or rather video-esque perception of your brand?


So don’t be shy, go on and hire your first event videographer. Maybe even make a day of it, and capture that day to remember what a great decision you made. 

If you require an event photographer for your next event, consider Splento. We will provide you with an experienced, professional photographer on-demand, and at an affordable rate. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your next event.


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