How video can help physical security startups


As physical security becomes an increasingly important concern for businesses and individuals alike, the market for physical security startups is growing rapidly. These startups face a number of challenges as they seek to establish themselves in the market, including competing with established players, raising capital, and building a customer base. However, one tool that can be particularly valuable for physical security startups is video.


Physical security startups


Video is an incredibly powerful tool for physical security startups for a number of reasons. First, video can help to deter crime by providing a visible record of what is happening in an area. This can be particularly important in high-crime areas, where the presence of a visible camera can deter would-be criminals from committing crimes in the first place. In addition, if a crime does occur, having video footage of the incident can be invaluable in helping law enforcement to identify and apprehend the perpetrators.

Another way in which video can be valuable for physical security startups is by providing a means of monitoring large areas with minimal personnel. For example, a physical security startup that is responsible for protecting a large commercial property may not have the personnel to station security guards at every entrance and exit. However, by installing a network of cameras throughout the property, the startup can monitor activity in real-time and respond quickly to any suspicious behaviour.

Video can also be used to identify potential security threats before they become a problem. For example, by using machine learning algorithms to analyse video footage, a physical security startup could identify patterns of behaviour that may indicate a potential security threat. This could include things like loitering, unusual activity patterns, or even certain types of clothing or behaviour that are associated with criminal activity. By identifying these potential threats early, the startup can take proactive steps to prevent them from becoming a problem.

In addition to its practical applications, video can also be an effective marketing tool for physical security startups. By showcasing the benefits of their video-based security solutions in action, startups can demonstrate the value that they can bring to potential customers. This can be particularly important in a crowded marketplace, where startups need to differentiate themselves from established players.


Physical security startup


Of course, there are also some challenges associated with using video in the physical security space. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that the video footage is secure and not subject to unauthorised access. This can be particularly challenging for startups that may not have the resources to invest in advanced cybersecurity measures.

Despite these challenges, the benefits of using video for physical security startups are clear. By leveraging the power of video, startups can provide a more effective, efficient, and scalable physical security solution to their customers. Whether it’s monitoring large areas, deterring crime, or identifying potential security threats, video can be an invaluable tool for physical security startups looking to make their mark in the industry.


  1. Verkada
  2. Brivo
  3. Openpath
  4. Kisi
  5. 3xLOGIC
  6. Cognitiv+
  7. Eagle Eye Networks
  8. Alcatraz AI
  9. Netwatch Group
  10. O-Inspection
  11. Alula
  12. SecuriThings
  13. Armored Things
  14. Halo Smart Labs
  15. Viakoo
  16. Microshare
  17. Proxyclick
  18. Pure IP
  19. G4S
  20. Defendry
  21. Traction Guest
  23. Forescout
  24. Pivot3
  25. Swiftlane
  26. Zenitel
  27. Idesco
  28. Assa Abloy
  29. AnyVision
  30. Facewatch


These physical security startups develop and offer innovative products, services, and technologies that are designed to enhance the physical security of buildings, facilities, and other assets. Their solutions can include a wide range of technologies and services, including access control systems, video surveillance, intrusion detection, biometric authentication, security guards, and more.



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