How to maximize front-page real estate on Amazon Product videos x Amazon editorials to drive sales


Organic ranking can no longer guarantee product visibility on Amazon. Sponsored ads, Editorial Recommendations, and product videos cover more of Amazon’s product pages than products based on organic rank, and it’s become unimaginable to receive front-page coverage without paying. Sponsored ads are nearly mandatory to receive any visibility, but they have less credibility compared to editorials recommending your product, or product videos showing your product in action. To increase product trust, investing in Amazon editorials and video advertisement is a must, and utilizing all three will maximize front-page visibility and profits. 


Amazon video advertising increases sales by 150%

Catching consumer attention on a crowded Amazon page is crucial to staying a key competitor in your category – and video ads are a proven route to success. Not only do Amazon product videos take up a lot of space, but they play automatically once 50% of the video is in view, so consumers have to pay your video at least a few seconds of attention. Any click on the video results in the consumer being redirected to your product detail page, leading consumers to end up on your product page at a 320% higher rate than they do without video ads, according to Amazon Advertising.


Just as it’s important for your video to be attention-grabbing, it’s important for your product to stand out amongst the other products that appear on-page. Seeing your product multiple times on a page attracts consumer attention, so though sponsored ads are becoming less effective on their own, it’s important to have them to complement your videos. When video ads are utilized alongside display ads, Amazon Advertising claims sales increase 150% compared to display ads alone. 


Creating an Amazon video ad

Amazon video ads have a “sponsored” tag that increases the chance of consumers scrolling past them. Because of this, the best Amazon product videos give the consumer a reason to purchase the product within the first few seconds of the video’s runtime. 


Product videos for Amazon
An Amazon video ad by Space Saver


To create a product video on Amazon that can grab consumer attention quickly, it’s best to go through an expert. Professional videographers are familiar with all of Amazon’s video guidelines, and there’s a lot (see here). It takes Amazon about 72 hours to approve a sponsored video, so if you’ve missed a requirement you’ll have to resubmit and wait another three days. It’s more advantageous to hire a creative expert than to waste time creating your own video advertisement that hopefully meets Amazon’s extensive list of requirements – and it’s not a huge investment. 

Splento, a content creation company that is applauded for quality, efficiency, and affordability, hires the top 1% of videographer applicants they receive and because of their high reputation, they receive a lot. They’re able to charge cheap hourly rates because this high reputation provides their videographers with more consistent bookings than freelancing offers. 

Splento operates in 400+ major cities, with videographers in every specialization. Once you’ve submitted your requested content, you’re automatically paired with a videographer who specializes in exactly what you’re looking for, and they can begin content creation with just 24-hour notice. This efficiency is incredibly important when seeking last-minute advertising ahead of competitive days like Prime Day. 


The cost of product video ads

Product videos operate similarly to Amazon sponsored product ads. They’re pay-per-click (PPC), meaning when a customer clicks on your ad, you pay Amazon whatever bid amount you’ve agreed upon. Companies set their own bid amount, but you’re competing against other sellers in your product category so you have to consider the average bid price in your decision. 


Average PPC cost increases with highly competitive keywords or ad placement. Product videos for Amazon are only available to brand-registered sellers and receive more page real estate than a traditional sponsored ad, so you can expect them to cost more than the average $0.81 that sponsored ads cost, according to WebFX


Amazon Editorial Recommendations – trust requires more than video ads

Though videos are a great way to demonstrate product functionality, your company is still listed as the source of the information. Amazon editorials are an excellent way to provide your product with a recommendation from an outside source, and they’re the last key piece to maximizing front-page real estate. 

Editorial reviews headline your product with an awarding title and provide a brief explanation of why your product is being recommended. 


Amazon product videos
Amazon editorials: An article by The Inventory that pairs with Space Saver’s video ad


You can get your product into Amazon editorials by using Seller Rocket. We have 100+ publisher partners who recommend our clients products on their sites and post them into editorials like Business Insider, a top digital publisher, has done here. Read our blog post to learn more about Amazon Editorials.  


Maximizing front-page visibility maximizes sales

You need to take advantage of sponsored ads, video ads, and editorial recommendations to maximize front-page visibility. Each adds a unique angle to your advertising campaign that increases visibility, trust, and increases the efficiencies of your other efforts. By using all in unison, your front-page visibility will be maximized and you’re guaranteed to see growth. 


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