Every Event Manager Regrets Not Doing This Sooner

Every event manager regrets not doing this sooner


Every successful business does and so should you – attending festivals, races, workshops and other local events where you get to meet your potential customers eye-to-eye and have an opportunity to directly introduce them to your business and products.

However, having an official agreement to participate in a particular event is just a part of what needs to be done. Business event marketing plan requires a certain strategy to be followed and here are some tips for you that you might take into consideration:

1.Give Away a Product

Let’s be honest: everyone likes free stuff. So why not treat your customers to free product give away, be it a small taster or sticker with your brand name on it.

2. Exchange the contacts

Ask them to sign up for your weekly/monthly email newsletter to keep in touch with them. Letting them know about your recent updates and special offers will create a whole list of new clients for you.

3. Make it Memorable

Every big (or even not that big) event is full of memorable moments. Try hiring a professional photographer who will take great shots for you and your customers. You can use these photos later for your business and online marketing needs, for example, posting them on your blog or your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram accounts. For this purpose, Splento is your best choice and should be your first point of call! It is an affordable photography service offering high quality professional photos and a swift delivery. Professional event photographers can help you collect all these splendid mementos quickly and easily.

4. Hold a Contest

Prize draws for $100 gift card to use in your shop or a free personal cooking master class in your bakery is something that will definitely attract attention, since people like to participate in promotions like these. Consider collecting business cards or having people fill out entry forms in order to register for the prize.

5. Choosing the right employees

Keep in mind that just attending a local event is no guarantee of success. You should also think about choosing the right employees to come along. Make sure staff you select for this kind of events is energetic, outgoing, open and even a little be crazy (in a good way obviously). Attracting attention and keeping it is the key to successful engagement with the crowd on such events so be careful with people who you assign it to.

6. Marketing campaigns
Make it easy to find you among other event participants. Stand out with an attractive and maybe provocative marketing campaign: use all social media channels you have access to, send out newsletters to your existing client base and do not neglect handing out flyers on the street. For all these things, visual based content is key, since an eye-catching ad is something that will attract attention of customers immediately.

Here you could resort to the help of Splento, which will help you create excellent pictures for your use. Affordable professional event photography is something that you should definitely consider whilst preparing your marketing campaign plan.

All these tips can help you improve your marketing strategies. However, if you have any suggestions and ideas relating to this subject, let us know in comments down below!


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