Do I need to use a specialist corporate video production company? Keep it in-house or take it to professionals?


Corporate videos have become a helpful tool for companies to improve their corporate image and communicate their values to interested parties. They can effortlessly inform, inspire and influence in ways that no other medium can. This is why companies are adopting the use of corporate videos whether it’s for training employees, introducing the team, or even relaying the vision of the brand.

The consensus is clear – everybody who is anybody wants corporate videos. But paths start diverging when it comes to the decision of keeping the production in-house or hiring a corporate video production company that specialises in such videos, to carry out the project. 

While videos are a hugely successful tool, it owes this success to perfect execution. This execution depends on who creates the video and this is where the lines get fuzzy. While some companies believe corporate videos should be produced in-house, as they believe they know their information, message and style best, it could turn out to be more advantageous to simply hire a corporate video production company. 


Why hire a corporate video production company? 


Professional videography

If you belong to the professional world, you understand the importance of high-quality work and how much it is respected by others. By outsourcing your project to a production company that specialises in corporate videos, they are guaranteed to produce a professional and engaging video that aligns well with your business goals. 

Agencies have years of expertise in the field so you can expect the best production. Whereas, unless you have your own in-house production team (and if you do, why are you reading this?), then assigning a video to an employee runs a risk of amateur work. The quality of the video reflects the quality of your company, so think twice before handing off the corporate video production to someone in-house. 


Great contacts

A professional company will have created plenty of corporate videos over the years and along the way will have formed great contacts. If you’re looking to shoot in a specific venue, or you want music produced by a particular artist, you simply need to explain these requirements during the creative brief. 

If the job is left up to the company itself, chances are your training videos might be shot in the cafeteria or the company’s story will be captured in a cubicle. Make complete use of the network that your corporate video production company has worked so hard to create. 


Top-notch equipment

One of the biggest perks of hiring a corporate video production team is that your business doesn’t have to invest in the latest equipment but will still have access to it through the production company. 

Video production companies these days make maximum use of technology such as drones and 4K cameras. If you want to deliver a message to your stakeholders, we recommend you deliver it in style. 


Quick post-production

With clocks running faster in the business world, time is everything. Not producing your own corporate video means you save on the time your business would otherwise spend editing the video – which, if you’re not professional, will take far too long to prove cost-effective.

Video production companies have their own post-production team who can edit at quick speeds and can also add any special effects that you may require for your video. Need professional graphics? You’ve got it! Want your training videos set in Paris? Not a problem. Want your business to succeed? It certainly will, once your new video is produced.



Corporate video production is not child’s play. It is of utmost importance to hire a specialist video production company to create your videos for the best results. If you don’t already know one, then why not give Splento a try?

Splento offers corporate video production services around the world and guarantees delivery within 48 hours – and at only £149 per hour. Splento has streamlined its corporate video production using innovative tech, to produce first-class results without charging you a premium.

Call Splento today for more details, or visit our website for further information.


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