Amazon product videography 10 amazing tips every seller should know


Since the Amazon product video feature has been introduced on listings, brands are seeing an incredible impact on the sales of their products. If you’re wondering ‘can I use Amazon product video?’ The answer is yes!  As of last year, Amazon announced that UK sellers can now upload and manage product videos as part of their listings. This is an exciting new development for Amazon sellers based in the UK as product video correlates to an increase in sales. 

One of the biggest hurdles for eCommerce stores is the fact that customers cannot physically handle the product – seeing the product in a video gives the customer a clearer perspective of the item, bridging the gap between them and the product. In an increasingly crowded Amazon market, you must invest in product videography to get an edge on the competition.

Here are our top 10 tips for executing your product video brilliantly.

Entice your audience

A product video is an excellent opportunity to target your desired demographic, make your product look attractive, and show its functionality. Most shoppers agree that videos can explain a product’s functions and benefits better than written copy does to them, and 90% of shoppers state that a video influences their decision buying process. By conducting some research into your demographic and creating your plan you can draw in more customers with your product video. 

Product videos for Amazon


360 product video

Make a 360 product video. Many sellers are opting for 360 product videos that showcase your products in a 360-degree video format, typically against a white background. These videos are successful in boosting your conversion rate as it provides the customer complete transparency with your product by showcasing it from all angles. One of the drawbacks of product photography is that showing a product from one angle can be deceptive. The complete clarity of a 360 product video inspires confidence in your customers as they can see that your product does look wonderful in 360 degrees.

Product descriptor video

Product descriptor videos are another great avenue to consider. A product descriptor video is a scripted production describing the purpose of your product and how it benefits the customer and highlighting all the amazing features of the product visually. This more advertorial style of video is highly influential for customers.

How-to video

A frequently used style of Amazon product video is a how-to video with a model demonstrating the proper use of your product.  How-to videos are beneficial as they allow the customer to understand exactly what they’re buying and show how simple and effective your product is. By showing your customer how to use the product, you cut down on help desk calls and return rates, and instead create happy, confident customers.

Show scale

Product videos are an excellent way to show scale. With product photography typically showing products alone against a white backdrop it can be difficult to gauge the size of the product. No one wants to order something in the wrong size, no matter how attractive it appears to be. In a video, you have the advantage of showing people interacting with your product to show its size, or you can use props in your video to indicate scale.

Include customer testimonials

Including customer testimonials in your product video is an opportune method of building trust in your brand by showing all the praise your product has received. Be aware that Amazon stipulates that customer reviews must be substantiated and less than a year old. 

Keep it brief

Whatever style of video you decide to go with, remember your Amazon product video length should be relatively short. With Amazon product videos, data suggests that over 45% of viewers click off after 60 seconds. Videos that were 30-45 seconds in length had the highest completion rate. To keep your customers invested in the video, keep it brief, engaging, and to the point,

Amazon product videos


Amazon product video size and quality

Amazon states that the video must be in the .mp4 or .mov file format and under 5GB in size. As 5GB is a very large file size, going over capacity should not be an issue given that it’s recommended to keep your video short. 

Your Amazon product video must be of excellent quality, not only to show your product well but also because the quality of the video reflects on your brand. The ideal resolution is 1920 x 1080px so shoot your video on a high-resolution camera for optimal quality.

Share your video elsewhere

Can you use Amazon product videos for YouTube? Yes, and you should! To increase your brand exposure you should upload your Amazon product video to your other marketing channels to garner a wider audience and redirect them to your Amazon listing.



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