Why the right angle matters in food photography Tips and tricks for capturing the perfect shot


Food photography has exploded in popularity in recent years, thanks in large part to social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Whether you’re a professional chef, a food blogger, or just someone who enjoys taking photos of your culinary creations, the right angle can make all the difference in capturing the perfect shot.

Choosing the right angle is crucial for capturing the texture, color, and presentation of your food. Different angles can create different moods and emphasize different aspects of the dish. For example, shooting from above (also known as the flat lay technique) can be great for capturing the overall composition of a dish and showcasing its different elements, while shooting from a lower angle can emphasize the height and texture of a dish.

Here are some tips and tricks for choosing the right angle in your food photography:

– Shoot from above to capture the details
One of the most popular angles for food photography is the flat lay, which involves shooting from directly above the dish. This angle is great for capturing the overall composition of a dish, as well as its different elements and textures. To make the most of this angle, try to shoot in natural light and use a neutral background that won’t distract from the food.

– Shoot from a lower angle to emphasize height and texture
If you want to emphasize the height and texture of a dish, try shooting from a lower angle. This can help create a sense of depth and make the food appear more three-dimensional. However, shooting from a low angle can also create shadows and reflections, so be sure to experiment with different lighting and angles to find the best result.

– Consider the angle of the food itself
The angle of the food itself can also affect the composition of your photo. For example, if you’re photographing a slice of cake, shooting from a 45-degree angle can help showcase the layers of the cake and make it appear more appetizing. Similarly, shooting a burger from a slight angle can help emphasize the height of the burger and make it appear more juicy and delicious.

– Use props and garnishes to add interest
Props and garnishes can also help add interest to your food photos and make them stand out. Try adding a sprig of herbs or a drizzle of sauce to the plate to make the food appear more appetizing, or use complementary colors and textures to create a visually appealing scene.

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