The top event technology trends to explore this year Event technology that will take your event to the next level


Event technology has undergone significant developments in the past few years, especially due to being so reliant on digital means of hosting events since 2020

As events have now turned to their current form as predominantly hybrid and in-person affairs, event technology trends have expanded. If you are an event planner then it is important to keep up to date with these event technology trends and to consider implementing them into your own event planning strategy.

Read on to discover the best event technology trends you should know about in 2023!


The best event technology in 2023

Current event technology is expanding and the digital and virtual event tools on offer are of great use to event planners. Here are some of the best event technology tools on offer in 2023: 


Virtual reality 

Virtual reality has opened up a whole new plane of possibilities for how events can be hosted. Instead of spending money on hiring an event platform at a venue, there is now the option to send event managers Virtual Reality sets and create 3D avatars for them. This gives event organisers an additional platform on which to attract event attendees. 

As a result of this growing trend, event venues are increasingly offering VR headsets for rental, which makes this an even more accessible option for streaming a speech.


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Digital photo booths 

Digital photo booths are an event technology trend that is growing with the increased prevalence of video marketing. It is worth exploring digital photo booths as a form of both virtual event technology and hybrid event technology, as they allow the attendees at your event to inform on their experience at the event. 

Virtual photo booths can be used to obtain online photos or videos of event attendees that can be posted online as a form of event photography. Digital photo booths are therefore a great marketing strategy and can generate great results, especially when paired with captions and appropriate event hashtags keyed for SEO. 


Digital event invitations 

Keeping with the digital theme, digital event invitations are also on the rise. This means that event planners can increase the formality of the corporate events that they host and engage their attendees with this technology before the event even rolls around. A real bonus to digital event invitations over traditional physical ones is that it is much easier for the attendees to respond and therefore event planners have a better idea of how many attendees to expect at their event. 


QR codes

QR codes are gaining a popular presence in event culture in conjunction with a keen interest by the industry to promote sustainability. QR codes can be used to disseminate information that would otherwise have been printed out on paper. 

QR codes have particularly gained popularity because they are so easy to use – smartphone cameras have a built-in function for reading QR codes, so an additional application is no longer required. 

At your event, QR codes can be created that lead the attendees to the speaker’s details, or to future event flyers just to name a couple of examples. 


Live translation

With the rise in virtual event technology comes the rise in live translation services. Moving beyond having a physical interpreter in the room during the event, live translation tools are being used to interpret digital events now too. This means that event planners are able to invite attendees that do not speak English to their online events. 

Hopin is one such event technology platform that supports this live translation format. It provides live language interpretation from within your livestream.


Event technology


Digital floor plans

Not only is the technology and software used during the event being upgraded and improved, but event planning software is also having a makeover. One piece of event planning software that is especially in the spotlight at the moment is digital floor plans. Digital floor plans are great if you are hosting an event where you need to sit your attendees in a specific manner. Digital floor plans also work for online and hybrid events through a breakout room set-up. 


Live streaming

Hybrid event technology has allowed for increased live streaming of events. 

With current event technologies, event attendees do not have to feel as though they are missing out by choosing to attend an event virtually through a live stream. Live streams can provide excellent quality footage of the event. Live streams promote a flexible event culture with the option to host an event for both in-person and online audiences thus expanding the event’s overall reach capacity.


Hopefully, this article has shown you the value that event technology can have to your events, both in the event planning process and throughout the event itself! Event technology trends and event technology services are continuously evolving and therefore it pays to stay in the loop.


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