The role of technology in making events more sustainable  Make your event more eco-friendly with the latest tech


Technology has undoubtedly played a large role in sustainable development in many industries, and therefore we should also try to learn how it can make events more sustainable. The events industry, like society as a whole, must look at investing in more sustainable practices, and the use of technology is allowing the event industry to do just that.

The impact of technology on events is ultimately also reflective of the impact of technology on the environment. 

Looking at the interaction between technology and sustainable events, this article will analyse the role of technology in making events more sustainable. 


How to host a sustainable event using technology

Using event technology to accomplish sustainable events is a great way to help the environment and your local community, through the event industry. 

If you are an event planner looking to improve the sustainability of your event, then take a look at these ways you can use technology to host a sustainable event: 


Sustainable events and technology


Prioritise digital 

Prioritising digital communication is a great way to reduce paper usage. You can easily increase your event sustainability by replacing paper with technology – think digital seating plans, menus, invitations, ticketing, guest lists, brochures etc. 

Furthermore, instead of offering handouts at your event, you can provide a QR code link to your presentation that your attendees can then navigate with their smartphones. To elevate event convenience and eco-friendliness, you can customize your QR codes using Bitly for diverse needs such as registration or accessing additional information, making your digital shift seamless.

Reducing the paper that you use at your event, or even going entirely paperless (it’s easier than you’d think!) not only reduces the amount of paper waste generated but also reduces the overall costs of your event – so it is a clear win-win for everybody.


Control sustainability with data analytical tools

Data analytics tools are useful for measuring the sustainability of different aspects of your event. 

Data analytics is a helpful tool for you as an event planner to understand the sustainability of your event. You can use the data you obtain across events to improve your sustainability through time. You can use real-time event data from event apps to identify where and when you need to improve your sustainable event practice. 


Use measuring tools

One way that technology has played a role in sustainability development is through the development of measurement tools that can be used to track the amount of electricity, water and waste that is generated throughout your event. You can also use measurement tools to make note of carbon emissions and understand how you can improve on this, or reduce it, throughout future events. 


Sustainable events


Eco-friendly venues

You can take some of the workload of yourself hosting a sustainable event by opting for a venue with green accreditation. 

There are many venues out there that already use sustainable tech solutions as a staple part of their event practice. For instance, some venues minimise resource use by generating energy through solar panel installation. 


Hybrid/remote events

Offering your event in a hybrid or remote capacity not only can take a lot less planning for you as the event planner, but they are also more environmentally friendly. Technology has allowed this to be possible through the advancements in online video calling and streaming platforms. 

Through hosting an event online, and remotely, your attendees’ environmental footprint will be smaller because they will not have the impact of transport, and food waste and energy usage will naturally be eliminated. 


Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a big development in the tech world, and it can bring real sustainability benefits to the events industry. A key way that VR is a sustainable event practice is through its ability to show your attendees something, or take them somewhere without having to physically occupy an external event space or, again, use transportation. 


Push electric vehicles 

A sustainable approach to transport is usually to encourage the use of public transport to get to your venue and event. However, you could go one step further and encourage the use of electric vehicles as a means of transportation. To make your event more sustainable you can arrange transport to your event using electric vehicles and encourage your attendees to select this option. 


Sustainable events can be achieved easily thanks to recent developments in technology. Better still, the connection between technology and sustainable events is increasingly developing. From reducing paper to hosting online events, there are many different sustainable event practices that you can implement to increase the sustainability of your events.


Technology sustainability


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