Sustainable event venues: Finding the right space for your eco-friendly event Top eco-friendly London venues for hire


Sustainable event venues are a blessing in the fight to promote eco-friendly event practices. Sustainable event planning requires you, as an event planner, to find the right space for your eco-friendly event. 

This article will take you through the green flags to look out for in an eco-friendly venue, and then provide you with an overview of the best venues for an eco-friendly event in London. 


Sustainable event venue


How to find a venue for sustainable events

There are many venues for sustainable events available, but it is a case of you knowing what to look for to locate an eco-friendly venue. Here are a few things to look for in your hunt for a sustainable venue: 

Choose a venue that is easy to locate 

There is no point putting an immense amount of effort into finding a venue with the perfect eco-friendly credentials if hundreds of people are going to be travelling a considerable distance via car to get there. 

The perfect space for your eco-friendly event, therefore, is one that can be easily reached through a short journey. You should also choose a venue close to a train station in order to encourage the use of public transport as a means of reaching your event.

Choose a venue that uses renewable energy 

Renewable energy is the obvious sustainable choice when it comes to how you want your venue to be powered. By selecting a venue that is committed to renewable energy sources such as solar power, you can really emphasise the sustainability of your event. 

Make sure that the venue is dedicated to sustainability 

You can have a general discussion with your venue as you book it about their attitudes towards sustainability. You can understand the venue’s commitment to sustainability by following how strict they are at following environmentally friendly guidelines.

Choose a venue that prioritises digital and environmentally friendly event tools

Paper is often a resource that is hugely wasted at events. It is a positive sign that you are opting for an eco-friendly venue if they encourage the use of digital and environmentally friendly tools over paper. 


Event venues for sustainability


The best venues for an eco-friendly event

Here are some of the best venues to host a green event in London: 

The Barbican

The Barbican is well known for doing its fair bit for the climate – they have committed themselves to reduce carbon emissions from their own operations to net zero by 2027. 

A notable policy that makes the Barbican a solid choice for an eco-friendly venue is their ‘Zero to Landfill’ mission which involves all waste being reused, recycled, or composted where this option is available. 100% renewable energy is used throughout the venue, they have active filtration systems for water, and use Vegware packaging for the food on offer. 


Events @ No 6

Events @ No 6 make hosting sustainable events super easy for event planners. They can provide a useful list to those who hire their venue that provides tips for reducing the environmental impact of the event. 

The venue boasts an automated lighting system which means that the lights only work when they are required, and they also have solar panels on their roof as a renewable energy source. 

In terms of catering, they prioritise and provide local and seasonal produce all in the name of supporting small and independent businesses. 


Searcy’s at The Gherkin

This venue has a wealth of adjustments that gear it up for sustainability. The building has a reduced wind load and an eco-friendly cooling system. As a result of its adjustments, The Gherkin uses half as much energy as comparable venue buildings. 


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