From corporate events to weddings: The versatility of event photographers in London Experienced London event photographers


Event photographers in London are dynamic and wide-ranging. Event photography is a broad discipline that ranges from corporate event photography to sports photography and even community event photography.

London event photographers might specialise in a particular type of event photography or work across event photography as a whole. As London is a major city there is more than enough activity going on for a photographer to specialise – for instance, concerts happen so frequently and in such large numbers that an event photographer could just work as a concert photographer and not need to diversify. 

Event photographers in London might specialise in one or more of the following different types of event photography:  

    • Corporate event photography 
    • Personal event photography 
    • Community event photography 
    • Creative event photography 
    • Sports photography


Types of event photography in London 

Corporate event photography 

Corporate event photography is a large subsection of event photography. Corporate event photography includes conferences and corporate meetings and gatherings. Corporate event photography often involves capturing guest speakers at the event, as well as the attendees, and captures the engagement of them all with the business appeal of the event. Businesses often use corporate event photography for marketing purposes. Hence, it is likely that prior to hiring a corporate event photographer you will have a conversation with them about your purpose and intent behind obtaining the images. 

Personal event photography

A personal event photographer captures private special events such as birthday parties, baptisms, family gatherings, reunions and weddings. London wedding photographers often just specialise in wedding photography alone, but you can come across event photographers that capture weddings in addition to the other personal events mentioned. Personal event photography often takes the form of documentary photography – the photographer will capture the finer details of your event, from the way your venue is decorated to interactions between guests. Personal event photography will also include more posed photos of family and friend groups. 

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Community event photography 

Community event photography often follows the same rules and practices as personal event photography except that the events that are being captured are more public affairs such as meetings and gatherings within the community. Documentary photography is usually the style adopted for these events, but some others may be preferable, for example, if the photos are to be featured in local press coverage.

Creative event photography 

Creative event photography can include concert, dance, and theatre photography. Creative event photography adopts quite a different style from the more corporate photography we have previously mentioned and will generally require additional equipment compared to standard events. 

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Sports photography 

Sports photography is another localised, special skill in addition to standard event photography and once again the equipment used will be more specialised. Sports event photography is much less likely to feature planned, posed photos and therefore the planned shot list for sports photography will be significantly different from that of standard event photography. Sports photographers usually rely heavily on experience to anticipate the key moments to capture, as well as the best equipment to capture what is usually a fast-moving event. These moments usually have to be anticipated and recognised mere moments before they happen (such as a goal being scored, for example).

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By examining the different types of event photography, the versatility of event photography services in London is clear. 

If you are looking to hire a professional event photographer, familiarising yourself with the London event photography scene is a good place to start. 

Splento event photographers cover everything from weddings and parties to corporate affairs such as conferences and trade shows. A Splento event photographer can be with you within just two hours of booking and they have professionally trained photographers with the experience to cover all types of events and event photography. 

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Common FAQs about London event photographers

What kind of events do event photographers in London typically cover?

Event photographers in London typically cover a wide range of events, including corporate events, weddings, parties, and other special occasions. They have experience, and are skilled, at capturing the unique atmosphere and moments of each type of event. You will often find photographers that specialise in one or two event types.

How do I know if an event photographer in London is the right fit for my event?

One way to determine if an event photographer London is the right fit for your event is to look at their portfolio of previous work. This will give you an idea of their style and the type of shots that they typically capture. You can also read reviews or ask for references from previous clients.

Do event photographers in London offer packages?

Yes, many event photographers in London offer packages that include different levels of coverage and services. Some may offer full-day coverage, while others may offer half-day coverage or hourly coverage. Some packages may also include a photo album, digital images, or prints. Check to make sure you understand what is included in the packages and what may be an ‘extra’ – such as retouching or delivery within a specified time.

How do I ensure that the event photographer captures all the important moments of my event?

To ensure that the event photographer captures all the important moments of your event, it’s a good idea to provide them with a list of must-have shots or key moments you want them to focus on – often referred to as a shot list. You can also discuss your specific needs and preferences with them before the event. To ensure you are both ‘on the same page’, having these confirmed in writing is often a good idea.

Can I provide a list of specific shots that I want to be taken at my event?

Yes, you can provide a list of specific shots that you want to be taken at your event (a shot list). The photographer will do their best to capture the shots on your list, but please keep in mind that they are also professionals and will be able to capture candid moments, special moments and the overall atmosphere of the event as well. Keep in mind that events are “live” and instances cannot be staged or repeated to get that ultimate photo – but the photographer will always do the best possible (as well as the occasional impossible as well).

How do I ensure that my guests are comfortable with the event photographer?

To ensure that your guests are comfortable with the event photographer, you should let them know in advance that there will be a photographer present at the event. Most photographers will be discreet without being asked, so as not to disrupt the flow of the event, but there is no harm in mentioning it as well.

Will the event photographer be able to capture group shots?

Yes, the event photographer will be able to capture group shots. It’s a good idea to provide a list of group shots that you would like to be taken on the day of the event and to also let your guests know in advance that group shots will be taken. If there are a lot of group shots, delegate someone the task of helping the photographer to arrange the group shots, as they will know who is who and can help to round people up at the appropriate moment.
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