Event industry FAQs: What is corporate event management?


What is corporate event management? 

Corporate event management is what goes on behind the scenes of all the big events you attend – and help from corporate event managers is essential to get the most out of the corporate event that you might choose to host. 

Corporate event managers should be skilled in a range of areas – from excellent people skills to research skills for finding the best venue, budgeting, and even marketing to get the word of the event out there. 

This post will take you through what is involved in corporate event management, and some of the best corporate event management companies in the UK. 


Corporate event management services

Due to corporate event management services being wide-ranging, there are many different aspects and responsibilities involved in the role of corporate event management, including: 

    • Clarifying and defining the purpose of the event 
    • Planning a theme and design for the event 
    • Researching venues 
    • Contacting and hiring venues
    • Event marketing and outreach 
    • Checking the venue’s Wi-Fi and audio capabilities 
    • Setting up the venue 
    • Soundcheck arrangements
    • Guest arrivals and check-ins 
    • Debrief communication after the event  

Corporate event management companies

If you are looking to hire a corporate event management company, here are five of the best in the UK: 


1. Liquid Media Live Events 

Liquid Media is one of the biggest names in corporate event management. The event services that they offer include event production, event management, equipment rental, and help with creative content. 

Liquid Media Live Events can help you manage a wide range of events including conferences, formal dinners, and product launches. 

They are dedicated to listening to your event plans and requirements and working personally with you. 


2. The Events Company 

The Events Company are an expansive creative agency. This events management company are based near Birmingham, but they do not just work in the UK; they also operate worldwide. They have a large team of event management experts that can work their magic on your corporate event – no matter the size of your company or your budget.


3. Park Publishing 

A little different to the others on this list, Park Publishing is the one to go to if your corporate event or conference is aiming to raise funds for charity. Park Publishing will work hard on creating an excellent event experience for your attendees but are also an expert in maximising fundraising potential. 


4. Beyond Certainty 

Beyond Certainty is one of the most innovative options for event management. They pride themselves on being continuously unique and advanced in their event planning and management. A Beyond Certainty event is deeply imaginative. You can book event management through Beyond Certainty for corporate and private events. 


5. Technical Elements Ltd.

Technical Elements Ltd. are a good events management company to go with if your event requires complex staging, audio-visual facilities, or if it features exhibitions. Technical Elements have good experience managing events in less common areas also, for example, experiential events.  


Planning an Event?

Hopefully, this corporate event management guide will help you choose between the best corporate event management companies. 

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