Why commercial property video is the best way to renew your assets A guide to commercial property video


The commercial property market is now more competitive than ever and it’s common for owners to lose out financially by sitting on office spaces and unoccupied units. In the modern commercial property market, it’s important that your property is accessible online to potential tenants, brokers, lessors and investors. The most effective way to maximise your investments is by creating a property video to renew your assets.


The importance of commercial property video

When it comes to marketing commercial properties, high-quality videography is essential. An excellent video showcasing your impressive property can quickly influence prospective buyers within seconds. It doesn’t matter whether your commercial property is a factory, warehouse, office space, or another type of property – they all need the same marketing treatment. When it comes to competing with other properties, high-quality commercial property videography is a must. 

Fewer buyers are looking at print brochures due to the ubiquity and convenience of property marketing geared towards them online. This fact alone should incentivise all commercial property owners to market their properties online. An attractive, polished video can do wonders for your property and it is indispensable in your marketing campaign, as it will quickly generate interest from potential buyers.


Commercial property video walkthrough


Property video benefits

Why video and not just photography? That’s a great question. Of course, photography is an important marketing touchstone for commercial properties, it’s the bare minimum. 

However, in the increasingly competitive property market, you should be taking full advantage of your property’s potential by showcasing it in a video. 

Video content is increasingly becoming the most effective marketing strategy. Due to our dependence on smart devices, we are becoming increasingly reliant upon consulting online video content to make purchasing decisions. It stands to reason that consumers will look at several commercial property videos before even deciding to visit one in person. 

If you don’t have a property video, you will lose out to other commercial property websites that do. During the research stage, when buyers are browsing the web for commercial properties, the webpages that do feature videos offer more information, including better views and more of an idea of the size and feel of the building. Therefore, they are more likely to make the cut for consumers. You should acquire a commercial property video to avoid your property getting glossed over.

Property videos are more attractive to buyers and renters than just photographs. By watching a video, buyers can see the imagery and information about the property in a quick and comprehensive manner. This makes video the most effective approach for assimilating the unique selling points and significant facets of your video, for swift visual consumption. 

Having a video made by a credible videographer is one of the best strategies for your property marketing. Many property owners are reluctant to spend money on property videography as they deem it ‘too expensive’, but this is a false narrative.

In fact, video offers some of the best ROI of any type of advertising.

It is well worth spending the money on a professional property video, as these videos reach wider audiences than traditional advertising and sell properties at a much faster rate. Likewise, investing money into a high-quality property video is negligible compared to the losses incurred by managing an inactive property. If you want to attract serious buyers and renters video is the only option.


Commercial property video


Benefits of property video tours

Not only should you be showing the exterior of your commercial property with your videography, but you should maximise the potential of your marketing by giving your viewers a property video tour. Producing a property video tour is the best way to give to let your buyers get acquainted with the space. 

A commercial property video tour functions as an effective sales tool after the initial property video has grabbed the buyer’s attention. The video tour shows off the amenities and allows the buyer to get a feel for the space by virtually walking through the property. They can achieve a sense of the commercial property without having to leave their computer.



How to create a highly effective commercial property video

If you’re unsure of how to go about making a property video here is our basic commercial property video making guide:

    • When it comes to creating a video tour, brevity is key. Two minutes is just enough time to keep, to both show the property, and keep the viewer engaged.
    • Show both the interior and exterior to demonstrate the outside appearance and inside space.
    • Show the property during the day and during the night, if possible.
    • Show the versatility of the space by demonstrating different ways it can be set up e.g. a more orthodox office space can be converted into an informal, collaborative office.
    • Boost the marketability of your property by highlighting the location it’s set in and its proximity to local amenities.
    • Including relevant client testimonials by text or voiceover will aid your video’s credibility. 

Now that you know everything you need to know about commercial property videos, get ready to have your commercial property snatched off the market once your video has been produced.


Video for commercial property


  1. What are the benefits of using commercial property videos? Videos provide a dynamic view of your property, highlighting key features and the surrounding area, which can attract more interest from potential buyers or tenants.
  2. How can commercial property videos increase asset value? By showcasing the property in its best light, videos can help generate higher interest, potentially leading to competitive offers and maximizing the asset’s market value.
  3. What should be included in a commercial property video? Include shots of all key areas, amenities, and any unique features. Also, consider adding information about local infrastructure and transportation links to give viewers a complete overview.
  4. How long should a commercial property video be? Typically, a video should be 2-3 minutes long to keep potential clients engaged while providing a comprehensive view of the property.
  5. Can commercial property videos help in remote buying decisions? Yes, high-quality videos can serve as an effective tool for clients who are unable to visit in person, providing them with a detailed and immersive view of the property.

Commercial property videos involve a different skill set and range of experience when compared to their domestic equivalent.

Here, we’ve been able to showcase just a few of those differences, but there are many other factors to take into account.

If you want to know more – or speak to a member of our team to find out how we can help guide you further – then contact us by email or phone, or simply complete the form below and we’ll get in touch.


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