Why am I doing it?


Clients’ why for choosing Splento is simple: we save time and money for them. However, I got asked a slightly different “why” question earlier today – what’s my “why” in Splento?

Why am I doing it?

The reason is threefold:

1) It’s to help millions of clients around the world to get amazing professional visual content whenever and wherever they want at affordable rates. As a serial entrepreneur, I hate seeing amazing businesses with great products, services, employees and events not telling the world about themselves, because they don’t know how to get professional visual content at reasonable prices.

2) It is also to help the creative community. Work-life balance is a foreign concept to most photographers and videographers and millions of amazing creative freelancers struggle financially.

The industry needs a huge overhaul.

3) But the main reason why I am doing it and spending 60 hours a week working on Splento and the reason why I get out of bed every morning* is much simpler than that. Just like I said in the previous blog post a couple of months ago, when I compared entrepreneurs to Joe Frazier, that’s who I am. This is my why. I see a problem and I need to solve it. And professional visual content industry is full of problems.   

Thousands of great entrepreneurs have been working hard to solve problems in transportation, accommodation, accounting, medicine, money transfers, etc. But due to technological and socio-economical limitations of the past, not many have come around to solving all the problems that professional visual content industry faces. I strongly believe we have an ideal team, tech and business model to do it and I won’t rest until we become the largest professional visual content platform in the world.

*By the way, I’m talking about the proverbial getting out of bed – the actual reason why I get up every morning is Eva – my two year old calling daddy to come and pick her up from her room at 6.20am every day.

by Roman Grigoriev

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