What is the difference between project management and event management? Often confused, these two roles are not, in fact, the same.


What is the difference between project management and event management is a frequently asked question in the world of events. This post will help answer those queries that you might have by exploring the ways in which event management and project management are both similar and yet different. 


What is event management? 

Event management is the managing of all events (social and corporate) using business management and organisational skills. Event managers both plan and execute the events that they are responsible for. 


What is project management?

Project management involves planning and organising a project, but not necessarily executing a full event like an event manager would.  


How are project management and event management the same? 

    • Event management and project management both use a project framework and/or an event timeline. 
    • Event management and project management are both task-orientated roles. 
    • Event management and project management both utilise teamwork and collaboration skills.

What is the difference between event management and project management?

Event management and project management are similar in many ways, including event management and project management skills. However, here are some areas to consider to help you to differentiate project management from event management: 

    • Event management mostly covers all aspects related to an event whereas project management involves working with project activities until they are finished. 
    • Event management is an ongoing management process whereas project management is usually done on a temporary or limited basis.
    • Event managers have fewer responsibilities than project managers. 
    • Event management can be affected by timing and location, publicity, risk in costs, financial factors, and environmental issues whereas project management is more likely to be affected by the internal relationship, management tools, time complexity, and poor risk management. 
    • Managing events includes planning, initiation, implementation – and the process is finished after the event. Managing projects involves initiating, monitoring, planning the project, controlling it, and then closing it upon completion.
    • Benefits of event management include the fact it is a creative pursuit, it saves time, involves effective time management, and leads to increased levels of satisfaction. The benefits of project management are saving costs, reducing the risk of related issues, and improved team collaboration. 
    • The main objectives of event management are to manage and control the events that might occur during service whereas the main objective of project management is to identify methods or techniques that can help to complete the project as efficiently as possible. 
    • The types of event and project management are different. Types of event management: event coordination, event entertainment, event designs etc. Types of project management: Agile programming project, Lean project management etc. 
    • Project management is generally more difficult to conduct than event management. 


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