TOP 10 Companies That Disrupted UX With Chatbots


Since Facebook launched their Messenger chatbot in April 2016, many companies have cottoned on to their effectiveness and have begun to implement chatbots themselves. Among those companies is Splento and we can tell you why we have decided to follow suit. Our chatbot provides customer service that never sleeps, it saves our customers the time they’d spend searching for answers on our website and it makes booking our photographers even easier and faster for our customers.

Chatbots are the talk of the business world right now, so we’ve collated a list of the top 10 companies who have also benefitted from implementing chatbots…

1. The Guardian

Back in November, The Guardian announced their new chatbot feature on Facebook Messenger which allows you to receive your morning news briefing and choose the time that you want it delivered. Just sign into Messenger and click ‘Get Started’. You can ask the bot for ‘headlines’ or ‘most popular’ and it will message you back with the top 5 related articles.

2. Uber

In 2015 Uber presented a new chatbot that makes hailing a cab even easier. By using Uber chatbot, you can request a ride by tapping a car icon from any Facebook Messenger conversation. You can also receive status updates that are guaranteed to be accurate. You just need to make sure you are logged into your Uber account via Messenger, in order for the feature to work.  

3. Sephora

Beauty retailer Sephora knows that having a strong presence in the media means that they’ve got to stay on top of the customer service game! So they’ve launched some amazing new chatbot features that not only allow you to reserve appointments and buy products referenced in the chat but also use augmented reality and photograph analysis to provide personalised beauty tips!

4. theScore

theScore’s bot has become extremely popular among sports fans. With this chatbot, you can keep up-to-date with the results of current and past games, receive all the top sports stories and follow your favourite teams to get news and score updates as and when they happen.

5. Whole Foods

Whole Foods’ chatbot can help you find your nearest store, wherever you are. Interestingly, it also allows you to discover a wealth of new recipes and meal ideas based on your most used food emojis! What’s more, the recipes contain links to the produce you need to create them on the Whole Foods website.

6. eBay

If you are outbid in the final 15 minutes of any auction, eBay’s simple bot can send you reminders via Messenger 15 minutes before the listing ends. Recently, eBay also launched their ShopBot: a virtual personal shopping assistant that can enhance your shopping experience by helping you find the most interesting deals.


UNICEF’s U-Report bot a perfect example of how chatbots can be used for good. Their bot enables young people all over the world to share their thoughts and experiences about problems in their local communities. Via Messenger, U-Reporters answer weekly questions on a wide range of different topics such as legal rights, education, health services, reproductive health and much more.

8. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel’s bot on Kik and Facebook can give you forecast details and expert insights that you can, later on, share with your friends. Moreover, you can be sent daily and weekly forecast updates and also weather-related content that is tailored to your interests.  

9. Domino’s

One of the world’s biggest pizza restaurant chains now helps you make sure you get your pizza on time and just the way you like it. With Domino’s interactive chatbots, you can order your pizza via Facebook Messenger, Amazon Echo, Twitter, your smartwatch and even your smart car!

10. Splento

Our Facebook Messenger chatbot allows customers to book a professional photographer in just a few minutes. Built using an intelligent algorithm, our chatbot automates the booking process even further for our customers and subsequently helps us manage bookings more effectively.

We predict 2017 to be the year for chatbots. Let’s see which company is next to make the move!

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