The Three Kings of Business

Three Kings of Business


I have come across only three regal metaphors in business: Customer is King. Cash is King. Content is King.

Very curious, isn’t it?!

Although, all three do make perfect sense.

1) If you don’t treat your customers as kings, long-term you are doomed.

2) In the age of Instagram, SnapChat & Facebook – anyone who doesn’t use visual content to promote their products or services, won’t be getting enough clients, whom they can treat as kings.

3) If you mismanage your cashflow, you won’t have enough money in the bank to create visual content to attract customers, whom you can then treat as kings.

Perhaps it’s time update Business for Dummies and add one more chapter next to 4 P’s of Marketing Model and call it 4 C’s of Business.

Or perhaps it’s just another Freudian slip observation on my part…


by Roman Grigoriev

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